Oksana from Zaporozhye, Ukraine

ID: 2482
First name: Oksana
Age: 49
Date of Birth: 12.09.1971
Country: Ukraine
City: Zaporozhye

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Religion: Christianity
Occupation: manager
Education: University
Marital status: Divorced
Kids: Girl 1994
Height: 172 cm 5' 7.7"
Weight: 58 kg 128 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
English level: Basic
Age groupof a partner: 44-67

My personality:

My soul is open and positive and strives for sincerity and strong feelings. I like everything that this world is created from.

Аbout the man I’m looking for:

In my world, I miss a person who should take the main place there. This is my companion, my husband, King of my heart. I want to give him this leading position and hope that he will accept it with pleasure. He is ray of the sun in this world because of his sense of humor. He is kindhearted and has caring soul, he will guide my world and make it better and happier. I hope that my husband will share his world with me and together we can create our world of feelings and emotions. Our dream is to create our own universe of love, that will last forever.

Аbout myself:

Everyone has its own energy, its own way of life, their own world that exists in close connection with the worlds of other people. In my world you can see movement and bright colors. This means that I am very active person and do not like boredom. You should see positive and beauty in all the things, only then you will always smile. In my world there is always a nice atmosphere and boundless sincerity. When I see sincerity of the other worlds, then I open my world, which is really friendly and cheerful.

More about myself:

What is important in my world? Of course, everything that makes it interesting. In my world there is good communication with my close people, family and friends. Passion for traveling and discovering new things and learning skills. I like music that accompanies my life. Of course, I am fond of books, movies, animals, interesting conversations about anything in the world. The main things in life are not material, you should realize it, understand and feel. Therefore it is important to see these things and to enjoy them.

Do you smoke? No
Do you drink alcohol? How often/how heavy? No
What do you like to do in your leisure time?

music, reading, cooking, communicating

My favorite music:

dance, jazz

My favorite movie:

thrillers, historical movies

My favorite flower:

all kinds of flowers

Will you accept a partner who already has kids? yes
Which terms describe qualities you want your partner to like about you?

chherful, communicatie, sensible, creative

Which factors are most likely to interest you in a partner?

smart, purposeful, with good sense of humor

Why do you think that you haven’t found a suitable partner yet?

it's hard to say

What do you regard as the most important thing in a relationship?

love and trust

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