Diana from Nikolaev, Ukraine

ID: 16440
First name: Diana
Age: 28
Date of Birth: 18.06.1993
Country: Ukraine
City: Nikolaev

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Religion: Christianity
Occupation: I work as the model over 10 years and working over my personal modeling courses
Education: Higher Specialization « Event manager” Entertainment
Marital status: single
Kids: no
Height: 179 cm 5' 10.5"
Weight: 60 kg 132 lbs
Eyes: green-gray
Hair: blond
English level: Intermediate
Age groupof a partner: 30-55

My personality:

Let me had better tell you what I would like to do or how I do see my future after I will meet my man.
The Family is the most important what we have in life. The family is - love, attention, understanding, care and support for me. I ready to follow my man and I am not scared to change the country of living. Of course, if I feel that this man is my man and I can trust my life to him!
Of course, I am the woman who wants to grow up and realize herself in many aspects. I would like to have my business in future as for me it is very important to improve myself all the time.
I am the person who appreciates freedom. Freedom means that you can feel yourself comfortable and safe. I would like to have a big house with very big windows; it would be nice to live in the house that will be full of sunlight
I would like to continue go in for sports, of course I would like to meet with my friends as we all need our personal time.

Аbout the man I’m looking for:

I am looking for clever man, who has life’s aim, who is ready to be open for something new, who can not only create the ideas but to realize them into the life.
Of course, I will appreciate the man who is tender, attentive, who has rich inner world and high morals. The man who clearly understands that woman is not the tool to satisfy personal needs, but the person who needs care and understanding

Аbout myself:

I like art and psychology. I like to read when I have a free time.
I like traveling very much and my next destination will be Dubai , The USA, Maldives)))
I have the same interests as many women has like shopping or visiting of beauty salon. However, I think it is quite ok, as each man wants to see good-looking woman who takes care of herself.

Do you smoke? no
Do you drink alcohol? How often/how heavy? no
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