Julia from Vinnytsa, Ukraine

First name:Julia
Date of Birth:11.10.1986

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Occupation:make-up artist
Education:high school
Marital status:divorced
Kids:2 sons 2007/06/21 and 2015/03/28
Height:174 cm 5' 8.5"
Weight:68 kg 150 lbs
Hair:light brown
English level:Basic
Age groupof a partner:40-56

My personality:

I am a simple woman who wants to find her happiness, and happiness for me is strong happy family. I am a hardworking, energetic woman, I gladly accept everything new, I love to learn. I am happy when I take care of my loved ones, I can create coziness and beauty in the house, I cook well and with pleasure. My main priority is family

Аbout the man I’m looking for:

I am looking for a man who knows how to love, respect and take care of a woman and who is family oriented. He must be decent, educated, hardworking, intelligent, self-assured.

Аbout myself:

My interests are : sports, walking on fresh air, spending time with family, watching interesting movies.

Do you smoke?no
Do you drink alcohol? How often/how heavy?very seldom
What do you like to do in your leisure time?

Watch movies, meet mt freinds , I do all my best to be a good friend to my sons.

My favorite music:

pop and classis

My favorite movie:

The Secret, Revolver and many others.

My favorite flower:

red roses

Will you accept a partner who already has kids?yes
Which terms describe qualities you want your partner to like about you?

I want to meet the simple man who is kind and cares about his family.Kind and with a great sense of humor

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