Yana from Vinnytsa, Ukraine

First name:Yana
Date of Birth:15.04.1999

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Occupation:travel agent
Education:higher Master degree in economics
Marital status:divorced
Kids:a daughter-2019
Height:170 cm 5' 6.9"
Weight:55 kg 121 lbs
English level:Intermediate
Age groupof a partner:32-47

My personality:

My name is Yana and I live in Vinnitsa, a lovely city, especially in summer. I have a twin sister and I have a lovely daughter, Caroline. She is 2 years old. The cute angel was born on October 17, 2019. I really love my family and relatives - they are the most important thing in my life. But I really miss a partner, my soul mate, with whom I can build a happy and romantic relationship, a man with a kind heart and who will know how to gently and reverently treat me as his beloved woman.

Аbout the man I’m looking for:

I would like to find a man, with whom I would feel comfortable and confident, even in a foreign country and in unknown situation. I think that two loving people have to trust each other, to be honest with each other and treat each other in a loving manner at all times. As for me, love, respect and ability to listen to each other are the foundation of the relationship. We should be able to look into the eyes of each other and find there warmth, peace and understanding without words !

Аbout myself:

It is difficult to write about myself, but I will try. I am kind and sensitive. I consider myself to be a happy and merry person. In spite of the fact that my first marriage was unlucky, I don’t lose the hope to meet a sincere, intelligent and loving man. I like to travel very much. Besides I like to dance and spend time with my close family members and friends. Yet I am a little bit romantic, I enjoy sitting at the seashore for hours and watching the sea. I can be a very good company and like to have long talks. My dream is to feel real love and be loved. I think love is the most important thing in the life and I have a lot of love to give to my future man! And even, if I find a man with children, I will be ready to give them all of me in order to make my family happy. This is my slogan! Love is more important than anything else!

More about myself:

I like walking in the nature, listening to music, reading books, having relaxed time with my friends and family, traveling, learning languages, cooking delicious food.

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