Marina from Kharkov, Ukraine

First name:Marina
Date of Birth:20.09.1995

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Occupation:Restaurant managering
Marital status:Never been married
Height:168 cm 5' 6.1"
Weight:57 kg 125 lbs
English level:Basic
Age groupof a partner:25-45

My personality:

Decent, kind, open

Аbout the man I’m looking for:

Next to me it might be a man who wants to stay close to me all our life, who could share with me everything that he has, starting from his smile and finishing his love. My real man should be strong and brave for both of us. Intelligent, who knows how to behave with a lady, who doesn’t change his mind at once after the first decision. He is decent, interesting person, and I won’t feel uncomfortable next to him

Аbout myself:

Parents have a good influence on me and I consider that they raised me as a well-mannered, cultural, optimistic lady. I have a calm character, open soul, kind heart. I like cultural quite places and hate night clubs. It seems like the whole life is in front of me and I am ready to open the doors of discoveries

Do you smoke?No
Do you drink alcohol? How often/how heavy?Occasionally
What do you like to do in your leisure time?

Meet with friends and spend time with family

Will you accept a partner who already has kids?Yes

  Do you know that Ukrainian women will change the way they treat foreigners in 2021?

Time flies, and people change. Get to know the answers to this and more questions about Ukrainian women’s forecasted attitude towards foreign men in 2021.

        Why will Ukrainian women change their attitude towards foreign men in 2021?

  Ukrainian women will consider dating foreigners as something which is a waste of time. As long as most Ukrainian ladies’ economic status has become better despite the politics and other factors, most of the women in Ukraine will no longer want to date people from other countries. In other words, the Ukrainian girls are not poor anymore. They can manage their ends meet, so they do not need to rely on the rich foreign man as a breadwinner. Most of the women in Ukraine tend to earn well. They are very hard-working and can manage their finances. The times when girls in Ukraine could not find a job have passed away. Moder Ukrainian can afford to buy cars, expensive clothes, and jewelry by themselves. They no longer need someone to pay their bills. Therefore, if you want to marry a girl from Ukraine, you should hurry up and visit this country ASAP till it’s too late.


Which factors made them think this way?

Ukrainian girls tend to watch western movies and soap operas, where they learn the main patterns of classical female behavior in western countries. To be more precise, they know how to be independent and pay for themselves in restaurants. The girls in Ukraine are fascinated with such ways of behavior and begin to practice them. Some of the Ukrainian girls take part in cultural exchange programs in European countries, Canada, and the USA. They learn how to behave and earn money there. Therefore, when they come back to Ukraine, they do not want to depend on men and become more feministic. Hence, it is getting more and more complicated for western men to seduce Ukrainian women. The younger generation of women in Ukraine is different.


How has COVID-19 changed the way Ukrainian women’s thinking about dating and marriage?

The time when all the world has become isolated made Ukrainian women treat dating and relationships differently. To be more precise, Ukrainian women began to be afraid of meeting and dating foreigners because they do not want to pick up the virus. Therefore, many Ukrainian ladies sit in their homes alone, waiting for Prince Charming to walk into their room through the window. Isn’t it ridiculous? Yes, it is, but coronavirus did not offer other opportunities for Ukrainian women. Most Ukrainian girls are still dreaming of marrying a foreigner, so do not lose your hope. Wait till the situation gets better and never give up on your way to find the love of your life.


  Why most Ukrainian women prefer to marry a Ukrainian guy but not a foreigner?

          Modern Ukrainian brides differ from the ones that were earlier. They do not think that a woman should be a housewife in marriage. According to statistics, more than 60% of Ukrainian women have higher education. Therefore, they want to work and have a profession. Some of them want to get promoted, so they work very hard. In other words, the number of economic reasons to date a foreigner has reduced. Moreover, most Ukrainian girls just want to have a mutual understanding in their relationships with a man, which is complicated to be present with a foreigner. The situation will worsen for men who want to marry a Ukrainian girl because Ukrainian men are getting more affluent and more prosperous. So there is serious competition in the market of females’ hearts. However, an early bird catches the worm, so the earlier you message a Ukrainian girl on a dating site, the better.

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