Ludmila from Vinnytsa, Ukraine

First name:Ludmila
Date of Birth:08.05.1984

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Occupation:sales manager
Education:Higher education
Marital status:single
Height:160 cm 5' 3"
Weight:48 kg 106 lbs
English level:Good
Age groupof a partner:38 -55

My personality:

I have balanced and calm personality. I am not a person who can experience the problem of feeling bored. I treat people with loyalty and kindness, I know the importance of patience and compromise. It is essential for me to be positive and life loving.

Аbout the man I’m looking for:

I am interested in communicating with an adult man who still believes in love and wants to find a good woman for serious and loving relationship. I am looking for a man who would like to be married and happy))

Аbout myself:

I like to smile and to receive smiles in return. I am a many-sided person with a strong strive for knowledge and new impressions. As we say here in a healthy body there is a healthy spirit, so I devote much attention to my physical shape.

Do you know that not all Ukrainian women value family traditions?

Do you know that some of the women in Ukraine are old-fashioned? Let’s figure out the truth and what the myths are about life in a family for a Ukrainian woman. Check out the five main facts about these women:




There are very few women in Ukraine who are looking for a traditional kind of family. Meaning, they want to be with a man, not a woman. However, they do not want to be housewives as long as they want to be promoted and have career development. Therefore, they would like to earn as much as their husbands.  

All Ukrainian women are good girls. Some of the foreigners think that all Ukrainian ladies are dreaming only of getting married, raise kids, and take care of their husbands, but it is not true. In other words, some Ukrainian women would prefer to be more independent. They do not want to rely on their spouses too much.    

According to statistics, 60% of Ukrainian women have higher education. No way you can call her silly. Most of these ladies have even a Ph.D. degree. They can support the conversation no matter what you are talking about. Moreover, most of the Ukrainian girls know English very well. Hence, it will be easy to communicate with her during the date.  

Ukrainian girls are stupid. Some foreigners treat Ukrainian women like beautiful dolls. However, they are not just stunning. They have brains and are well-educated, intelligent, savvy, and polite. Most of them are not looking only for money when they want to get married. Ukrainian girl is a perfect combination of intellect and beauty. 

Not all Ukrainian women can cook even traditional Ukrainian dishes. The reason why it is so is that they are very focused on their careers and jobs. Therefore, they simply have no time to cook and practice and master their skills. Consequently, it would be better to invite her to a restaurant or a cafe. 

All Ukrainian women cook well. It is a myth because Ukrainian women know how to cook, but some rarely do it. They are very busy building their career paths because they want to be independent of men in finances. However, some of the Ukrainian women are old-fashioned and cook a lot by themselves.  

They are smart. Most of the girls in Ukraine are indeed intelligent. They can play games with you and tease you. However, they will not use you and make you give them money. They are very kind and wise enough to know where the boundaries are.  

They are too smart. If you feel like a woman you are writing your messages to is a scam, you would better use this guide. Here are some things for you to do if you do not want to be tricked and ripped off.  

They are shy. Most of the girls in Ukraine are born and raised with the idea that they should be shy. Being shy is a kind of the norm for the ladies to behave in society. The good thing about it is that Ukrainian girls do not sleep with every man they meet. They are selective and respect themselves. Check out this article to get to know the signs when a Ukrainian girl likes you.  

They are frivolous. Of course, it depends on a woman, and all the girls in Ukraine are different. However, trust us that not all Ukrainian women are frivolous. Many of them are loyal to one partner and looking for serious relationships. They want to create a happy family with many kids, if only they could afford to supply them all. 

          Wish you to have a great date with your Ukrainian beauty! Visit Ukraine ASAP and fall in love with little effort! 

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