Anastasia from Kiev, Ukraine

First name:Anastasia
Date of Birth:03.02.1998

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Education:higher education
Marital status:Single
Height:164 cm 5' 4.6"
Weight:49 kg 108 lbs
English level:Fluent
Age groupof a partner:23-38

My personality:

I am a young and bright lady that needs love and care. I am very active and full of energy for this wonderful life. I like to bring people just positive emotions because we live once and for me it is very important to give and get the best feelings and life in general. I am so glad to see joyful couples and their smiles, and I wish all people in the world to be happy! Just strong feelings between a man and a woman can make people better! I would like to give my beloved one such beautiful life and ocean of my love! ))

Аbout the man I’m looking for:

I am looking for man who would be a REAL man, This means he would behave himself like a real man who is caring, loving, passionate and responsible. My ideal man is not a man without flaws but a man who is working on himself and not scared to become better and better fro me and with me together!

Аbout myself:

I would like to give my beloved one such beautiful life and ocean of my love! ))

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