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Ksenia from Kharkov, Ukraine

ID: 12885
Nickname: Ksena
First name: Ksenia
Age: 22
Date of Birth: 07.06.1998
Country: Ukraine
City: Kharkov

Where is Kharkov?

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Occupation: Model
Education: university (unfinished)
Marital status: Never married
Kids: No
Height: 172 cm 5' 7.7"
Weight: 50 kg 110 lbs
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Brown
English level: Basic
Age groupof a partner: 30-50

My personality:

I am LOYAL, I always TRY TO HELP to my friends in the bad situation. One day my friend called me and said that she is in hospital, because of car crush and she got bad injuries and she needed very expensive treatment. I wanted to help her, so I organized rising money for her treatment through social networks and soon we have enough money for her. Now she is able to back to normal life. Also I usualy take part in the different CHARITY . I adore CHILDREN, that is why we orginize sometimes some charity for children from Orphanage.

Аbout the man I’m looking for:

It can be someone, who is patient, who is willing to how me that he has strong feelings for me, who will be willing to prove that to me. Age doesnt metter for me, i have to fell that it is really MY ONLY right man.

Аbout myself:

It is hard to speak about myself as only people surrounding me can see me objectively. I consider myself as a BRIGHT girl. I TENDER and SENSITIVE, I mean that my soul is open for close people and very easy to hurt me. At the same time I can be STRONG and SELF-CONFIDENT if it is about work and making some important decision.

More about myself:

My main hobby is probably dancing. I am very active lady and I enjoy active life style. In my spare time I also like reading, listening to music, going to cinema with my friends. I am very romantic this is why I very much like romantic moments and romantic dates.

What do you like to do in your leisure time?

My hobby is KNITTING. I started it when i was a child in primary school. We had some extra classes, where we taught how to Knit. I was interesting for me. Now i am able t knit anything (sweater, scarf or something else). ). When I learnt how to knit I made sweater for my father. Sweater was really not good because it was my first knitting thing. But my Father was proud of me and wore it to the work almost every day. His Colleagues joked on him but he explained that it is the best sweater because it was madden by his daughter.

My favorite music:

pop, dance

My favorite movie:

comedies, romantic movies

My favorite flower:


Will you accept a partner who already has kids? Yes
Which terms describe qualities you want your partner to like about you?

Tender, feminine

Which factors are most likely to interest you in a partner?

Strong to the others and tender to me, at the same time

Why do you think that you haven’t found a suitable partner yet?

Too young))

What do you regard as the most important thing in a relationship?

love and trust

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