Kristina from Kharkov, Ukraine

ID: 12869
First name: Kristina
Age: 24
Date of Birth: 03.09.1996
Country: Ukraine
City: Kharkov

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Religion: Christianity
Occupation: Dentist
Education: university degree
Marital status: never married
Kids: no
Height: 176 cm 5' 9.3"
Weight: 49 kg 108 lbs
Eyes: blue
Hair: blond
English level: Basic
Age groupof a partner: 29-58

My personality:

I am a girl with some “spice” in character. Would you like to have a dentist's wife? Just do not be scared, please.. That's how men always get scared because I'm a dentist, probably that's why I'm still alone. Do you have enough courage for a girl like me? Haha, But in fact, I am the sweetest and kindest dentist, so all the patients say that they dared to come to my appointment! Having a dentist's wife is very practical, isn't it? or would you hesitate to treat your teeth? Hahaa! I am a very brave girl, because I am not afraid to experiment. I am not afraid to jump with a parachute or climb a mountain. You will never be bored with me. I like to try something new in life. I do not like to dwell on problems and failures. Are you ready to be charged of my unique energy and optimism?

Аbout the man I’m looking for:

I am looking for a reliable, positive and outgoing man. He should be even a little bit crazy, just like me. In the best sense of the word, of course. I want to enjoy his company and feel beloved. I need a man who is not used to get bored and will actively spend time with me. A sense of humor and a positive attitude are very important to me. I am looking for a man who will inspire me to do incredible things. I will become a Muse for him. The life is short. So let's be happy, enjoying every wonderful moment together.

Аbout myself:

I am gentle and kind with close people, but in my work I have a more masculine character. I am a strong personality. I'm family-oriented and my desire and goal is to become a good wife for you. Create family romantic traditions. The main and basic condition of a lasting marriage, its foundation is a feeling of love, attraction to each other.

More about myself:

I would like to wake up in the morning in hugs of my beloved! I would like to have tasty breakfast , that we cooked together! I would like to miss him during the working day and he misses me also! I would like to give and to be given! I think that mutual feelings, like love, care, respect, generosity and understanding are very important!

Do you smoke? no
Do you drink alcohol? How often/how heavy? no
What do you like to do in your leisure time?

I am interested in so many things. For example, I like to travel. I enjoy traveling to different countries as well as I like traveling around my own country. Imagine that we have a wedding trip..:) Imagine? A tourist city or big city? Sea or ocean? Hotel or little hostel for a trip? A big adventure or small trip? We like to say that the way to a man’s heart lies through the stomach. Do you have this phrase relevant? If this is true, and in order to conquer your heart I need to cook tasty food for you, then your heart is almost in my hands. I love to cook, and especially love to cook for people close to me. Would you try my favorite dishes? I will not reveal all the secrets, but you will ask again and again, trying a little piece. Would you like me to cook only for you?

My favorite music:

I enjoy American music, especially Lana Del Rey. Besides I like to sing her songs by myself and my friends say that I have very beautiful voice. I like European and Ukraine pop music very much.

My favorite movie:

I`m a very romantic girl, so I believe that everlasting love exist. When I watch some movie that proves that I like such film very much. The best examples are “The notebook”, “P.S. I love you”, “Titanic” etc.

My favorite flower:

As for flowers, I like roses. I think that roses are queens between all other flowers and all women are worthy of the best!!! So flower queens are for real queens:)

Will you accept a partner who already has kids? yes
Which terms describe qualities you want your partner to like about you?

I`m kind-hearted, merry, sincere and smart woman. I`m a real woman: feminine in my behavior, communication and appearance. I have well developed intuition, that helped me many times in my life! So now I feel that my beloved man is somewhere very near!!!

Which factors are most likely to interest you in a partner?

I'm looking for an intelligent handsome, next to whom my heart will beat like crazy and about which my stomach will be full of butterflies. I really want to fall in love and lose my head. My chosen one should be strong, able to be open and trust me, able to take care and provide for our family. Reliable and strong man who I can trust and on whom I can rely in any situation.

What do you regard as the most important thing in a relationship?

A healthy and successful relationship is dependent on the compatibility between two people - their personalities, their aspirations and their lifestyle - and the way how they complete each other. Do you agree?

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