Yana from Kropivnitskiy, Ukraine

First name:Yana
Date of Birth:22.01.1984

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Education:Higher education
Marital status:Single
Kids:One daughter
Height:164 cm 5' 4.6"
Weight:47 kg 103 lbs
English level:Basic
Age groupof a partner:37-59

My personality:

I am a simple woman, sincere, open, responsive and good-natured. I am sweet, gentle, understanding and caring! A positive woman who has not lost faith in real and sincere feelings! My heart is filled with a desire to meet a good man whom I can give all my love, to become a good and caring wife for him! I want to move through life and feel the strong shoulder of my man next to me!!!

Аbout the man I’m looking for:

I am looking for a simple man, with a sincere, kind and open heart, for whom it is a priority to build a serious relationship, who is ready to say goodbye once and for all to his bachelor life! Who has a desire to be a family man and not only accept love, but also give his own! Be responsible, attentive, generous and caring! I want an active man nearby, with whom we could discover new opportunities and horizons!!!

Аbout myself:

I like spending time with friends and family, I like both quiet family evenings, and noisy groups of friends. I like to sing and dance. I like to spend time in nature, like picnics and hiking. I want to travel more, perhaps with my beloved man. I like to cook and do it with love!!!))

More about myself:

I am an ordinary earthly woman, I just want to find a person with whom I will confidently follow the path of my life. I am ready to give all myself to these relationships, I feel that I can love strongly and sincerely. I am ready to give my affection, tenderness ... cares for my man, support him! And I want to feel the same return from him. Is it possible?

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