Yuliya from Kiev, Ukraine

First name:Yuliya
Date of Birth:02.06.1989

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Occupation:sports club manager
Education:higher education
Marital status:Single
Height:160 cm 5' 3"
Weight:50 kg 110 lbs
English level:Basic
Age groupof a partner:30-55

My personality:

I am a kind, gentle and calm person. I want to be happy and hope to find my love here. I am an easy-going person and try to always find compromise in any situation. I am a positive woman.

Аbout the man I’m looking for:

I will be glad to see next to me a man who will take care of me as the dearest person in the world! I believe that women are defenseless, we are very much in need of protection and attention from men. I'm no exception. Next to a man, I want to feel like a real woman. I want you to be a sincere, honest, loyal and generous person. It will be great if you are positive and kind!)

Аbout myself:

That's why I came to this site - to find a person, who has the same values ​​and concepts as mine. I am open to new relationships and I want to get the whole gamut of feelings with my man.

More about myself:

I enjoy dancing. Traveling is also a thing that really excites me. I enjoy getting to know new cultures and seeing new countries. As probably any girl, I enjoy reading books, visiting the cinema and spending time among nature with my friends.

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