Karina aus Kharkov, Ukraine

ID: 15934
Vorname: Karina
Alter: 29
Geburtsdatum: 09.06.1992
Land: Ukraine
Stadt: Kharkov

Andere Frauen aus Kharkov ansehen

Religion: Orthodoxie
Beruf: PR Manager
Bildung: higher
Familienstand: never been married
Kinder: none
Höhe: 161 cm 5' 3.4"
Gewicht: 53 kg 117 lbs
Augen: green
Haar: black
Englischkenntnis: Grundkenntnisse
Altersgruppe eines Partners: 25-37

Meine Persönlichkeit:

I like to live the life in its full way. I will be a caring, attractive, sensual wife who has a little mystery but has all the right equipment and knows how to use my feminity to keep my man satisfied and happy. I am optimist and self-confident, loyal and cheerful lady.

Über den Mann, den ich suche:

I want to meet a man who is kind and reliable. And I think the man should be interesting and considerate. The sense of humor is very important for me because I love funny people. I want to meet the man with these traits of character. He should understand me and support and I will share with him all my emotions and feelings.

Über mich:

I like to study, to explore , to discover, to dream, to experience new feelings, to make experiments. I like active life and would like to study customs and traditions of other countries. Also I like cooking.

Mehr über mich:

I like music and sing well) I like to have fun in karaoke. I adore pets. My small hobby is also to collect magnets from the countries I have been to.

Rauchen Sie? no
Trinken Sie Alkohol? Wie oft/wie stark? drink, very rare
Was machen Sie gerne in Ihrer Freizeit?

I sing songs, go to the karaoke with friends, I don't like to waste my time so I always do something;)

Meine Lieblingsmusik:


Mein Lieblingsfilm:

Comedies, dramas

Meine Lieblingsblume:


Würden Sie einen Partner akzeptieren, der bereits Kinder hat? not sure
Welche Begriffe beschreiben die Eigenschaften, von denen Sie möchten, dass Ihr Partner an Ihnen schätzt?

I am a good housewife, my family will be number one for me, I will listen to my man's opinion

Welche Aspekte würden höchstwahrscheinlich Ihr Interesse an einem Partner erwecken?

I want our interests to coincide

Warum haben Sie Ihrer Meinung nach immer noch keinen passenden Partner gefunden?

I don't know

Was halten Sie für das Wichtigste in einer Beziehung?

LOVE and communication

TOP 2020 tips on how to seduce a Russian woman

Even though a Russian bride may seem hard to approach, seducing her is possible, and here is how.

  • Look your best — Russian women pay huge attention to your clothes, body, haircuts, nails, shoes, and many other details. Smell expensive — this is a must!
  • Be generous — Russian brides cannot stand greedy men who are afraid to spend an extra penny on their dates.
  • Always be a gentleman — do not forget to show your good manners, otherwise, you will fail.
  • Be confident and initiative — if you behave like a boy, you will never succeed with a Russian woman regardless of how sexy you look. Alpha males and strong confidence are what these girls are looking for.
  • Tease her — do not insist on staying alone with her, better tease her and make her want to stay with you one-on-one.

How foreigners get caught by Russian brides and what the risks are

Russian women have their tricks for catching foreign gentlemen and here is a true story for you to consider.

  • A man signed up with one of the very well-known dating sites and came to Ukraine for a romantic trip.
  • He arrived in Nikolayev to meet a girl who didn’t speak English and paid to the translator offered by the site.
  • In six months, he took his second trip to the same city to meet another girl. Can you guess who the translator was this time?
  • Yes, the very same girl who didn’t speak English during his first visit. These Russian brides were just professional daters who earned money on their dates.
  • It’s hard to believe but the man laughed a lot and even made very good friends with that pro dater later.
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