Aliona aus Kharkov, Ukraine

ID: 12899
Vorname: Aliona
Alter: 31
Geburtsdatum: 02.08.1989
Land: Ukraine
Stadt: Kharkov

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Beruf: Blogger
Bildung: university degree
Familienstand: never married
Kinder: no
Höhe: 170 cm 5' 6.9"
Gewicht: 47 kg 103 lbs
Augen: blue
Haar: blond
Englischkenntnis: Grundkenntnisse
Altersgruppe eines Partners: 31-67

Meine Persönlichkeit:

I am a brave, fearless, full of enthusiastic ADVENTURER. To rush headlong into an incomprehensible adventure is stupidity of the highest degree. But still such seductive stupidity. I visited 23 COUNTRIES of the world: from the island of Fiji, where cannibalism was widespread to the country of tequila - Mexico. Have you ever met a girl who WASN’T AFRAID to meet people who practiced CANNIBALISM? Nice to meet you, it is ME!! I hope I didn't look like a possible yummy steak to them, lol. I am light-hearted and good-natured, dexterous and daring. I am a smart and bright lady.

Über den Mann, den ich suche:

Next to me I want to see a BRAVE MAN with STRTONG NERVES. Just kidding.☺ I need a REAL MAN, not a wizard and not little boy, who likes to travel and DOESN’T WANT to SPEND the rest of his life in FOUR WALLS. A man, who seeks to have a cheerful, happy and active woman as a PARTNER for LIFE♥

Über mich:

A thousand times better to crash into the rocks than never try to raise the sails. I hoisted the sails in the hope that my ship would finally find its dock! I am ready to sail towards my love, happiness and amazing adventures! Do you want me to tell you?Who am I?))

Mehr über mich:

I am not afraid to be funny and laugh from myself, I think only confident people are able to do it. I never let negative thoughts make me upset or sad, I try to find good things in everything. I am well-balanced person and don’t like conflicts and argues

Rauchen Sie? no
Trinken Sie Alkohol? Wie oft/wie stark? Socially
Was machen Sie gerne in Ihrer Freizeit?

I enjoy FISHING. I once caught a BARRACUDA in the Caribbean Sea. She almost bit me. I didn't know then that Barracuda's sharp teeth could damage the arteries, but I was too happy about my catch. I will gladly SHARE with you a PHOTO of my PREY. I like SKIING and DANCING helps me stay slim and fit. I'm good at SINGING JAZZ in karaoke and BLOGGING about travel and culinary dishes around the world. Trying cassava in Spain or riding a cable car in China over the weekend - is all about me.

Meine Lieblingsmusik:

David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, DJ Tiesto

Mein Lieblingsfilm:

"Inception", "Twenty one", "The Hangover", "The Holiday"

Würden Sie einen Partner akzeptieren, der bereits Kinder hat? yes
Welche Begriffe beschreiben die Eigenschaften, von denen Sie möchten, dass Ihr Partner an Ihnen schätzt?

I am tender and passionate, sexy and loving, you can always rely on me because I know what is being a true friend means

Welche Aspekte würden höchstwahrscheinlich Ihr Interesse an einem Partner erwecken?

I would like to meet a kind-hearted, caring, loving and generous man who I will surround with all my tenderness and warmth in return.
I don't care about appearance, age difference and language barrier. The most important for me is to feel the union of two heart!

Was halten Sie für das Wichtigste in einer Beziehung?

Sometimes I close my eyes and imagine you holding my hand, imagine taste of your lips! Do you know how to make your woman happy?
I want to fall asleep and to wake up every day with you and see your wonderful smile telling how much you love me. Where are you my romantic knight and my King?

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