Svetlana aus Odessa, Ukraine


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Bildung:university degree
Familienstand:never married
Höhe:157 cm 5' 1.8"
Gewicht:44 kg 97 lbs
Altersgruppe eines Partners:29-58

Meine Persönlichkeit:

What do you think about tiny ladies? Probably they need protection because they are weak. Yes and no :). I am STRONG ENOUGH to protect close people and fight with this world. But I wanna trust my heart and rely on someone, need help and support to keep my (our with partner) way. Am I weak? Let say I don’t know who will win if we wrestle :). I am EMOTIONAL and I like this feature in me. Do you see yourself with a girl who weeps bitter tears of sympathy and watchs touching movie, laughs loud and sincerely? Everyone at my work can tell “Sveta is very RESPONSIBLE, RELIABLE and the best!”. A little boastful :). But it is true not only at work. I always keep my promises to my friends, relatives and neighbours. Don’t you think it is very important when partners can rely on each other? People say I am silly to be so SYMPATHETIC. After shopping I can give some food to homeless animals and some money to homeless people. But hope it doesn’t annoy my future partner..Would it annoy you?

Über den Mann, den ich suche:

How I estimate if man can make me happy? Easy. I see how he keeps his promises. Are you a RELIABLE man? If you give me a promise to write me will you do it mmm?:) From family experience I know one more thing about what partner can build long term relationship with a woman.Please, don’t be despot and abusive to me. I will never yell at my man. And I don’t want arguing and discussions to be turned into a real fighting. Can you listen to your lady? You don’t have to be a very supportive partner and cry with me but I wish my man to listen to my thoughts, my problems and ideas and if needed - to give me shoulder to cry or lap to sleep on and have peaceful dreams ...

Über mich:

Are you already attracted by my deep eyes? There is something can tell you more than all these words! My life philosophy is very simple! There are no closed doors! We are able to reach everything we want. Life is an opportunity to create new history! Are you ready to become new Romeo and Juliet but with a great end?:))

Mehr über mich:

I am very KIND (it is true!) and it can annoy people. They are not used to meet so kind and open people like me. They hardly believe I really want to help and listen to their problems…

Rauchen Sie?no
Trinken Sie Alkohol? Wie oft/wie stark?Socially
Was machen Sie gerne in Ihrer Freizeit?

I am happy to be both at home and outdoors, alone and in good company. Free hours of silence I spend on READING. I prefer detectives and science fiction. MUSIC really helps to relax and relieve stress. I also learn to PLAY PIANO and do it every day. I’ll be honest - my skills are far from amazing. But it makes me feel much better to see my achievement, it takes my stress away.If my man is ready to handle my efforts I promise to improve fast and and satisfy his ear:). Saying I like to be outdoors doesn’t mean I just walk around the house. I do HIKING AND BICYCLING. Long walks and riding with picturesque views -what can be better for body and health? I don’t go to gym- better to find time on such activities.For soul I have another way of rest - everytime I TRAVEL I try to dive into new culture. Yeah I visit museums:). Would you go to with me or wait outside hehe?:). I prefer provincial little cities to be closer to what people do and how live.

Meine Lieblingsmusik:


Mein Lieblingsfilm:

detectives and thrillers where you never can guess what will be in the end.

Meine Lieblingsblume:

sword lily

Würden Sie einen Partner akzeptieren, der bereits Kinder hat?yes
Welche Begriffe beschreiben die Eigenschaften, von denen Sie möchten, dass Ihr Partner an Ihnen schätzt?

Responsible, kind, loving, caring, sensitive. I am non-confrontational person who is trying to find always a compromise. Honest, faithful, friendly. Always with a good attitude towards others, and always try to help.

Welche Aspekte würden höchstwahrscheinlich Ihr Interesse an einem Partner erwecken?

There is nothing more enjoyable than witty partner to share jokes. I need someone who never stops challenging intellectually and mentally. Just someone who can rise me up without hands)

Was halten Sie für das Wichtigste in einer Beziehung?

Enjoying life together, helping in different moments and sharing achievements together.

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