Anetta aus Vinnytsa, Ukraine

ID: 12635
Nickname: Anettadarkhair
Vorname: Anetta
Alter: 20
Geburtsdatum: 06.08.2000
Land: Ukraine
Stadt: Vinnytsa

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Religion: Christentum
Beruf: Student
Bildung: Higher education
Familienstand: never married
Kinder: no
Höhe: 171 cm 5' 7.3"
Gewicht: 60 kg 132 lbs
Augen: brown
Haar: black
Englischkenntnis: Grundkenntnisse
Andere gesprochene Sprachen: Ukrainian , Russian
Altersgruppe eines Partners: 25-45

Meine Persönlichkeit:

As for my character I can be both quiet and emotional sometimes. I like to joke and to laugh and I like to spend funny time together with my friends. I am a young lady but my friends say that I have quite serious views on life. I would like to meet the man with whom I would create a happy family.

Über den Mann, den ich suche:

I dream to meet a romantic man, who will be open to discover this world together with me. It would be nice if my man would have a certain life experience and would be wise and mature in life issues. I really appreciate if the man is hardworking and puts some aims in his life. I also would like my man would be positive and optimistic in life.

Über mich:

I like to travel and to discover for myself places which I had never seen before. I adore those wonderful emotions which I get during travelling. I like to design clothes and to create everything with my own hands. Sometimes when I have a romantic mood I like to draw and to write poems. I also like to read interesting books.

Mehr über mich:

I am open and sincere, I am easy going and frank with people. I like to meet new people in my life and I like to know somethign new all the time. I also like to develop my professional skills and visit many seminars. I dream to learn at least two foreign langiages that is why I also visiting courses of English and German languages.

Rauchen Sie? no
Trinken Sie Alkohol? Wie oft/wie stark? socially
Was machen Sie gerne in Ihrer Freizeit?

When I have my leisure time I like to stay at home and to relax. I like to watch some comedies on TV or to listen to music.
I also like to meet my friends and to spend my free time with them, in summer we usually go to the seaside together or out of the city. We also like active way of rest, like hiking.

Meine Lieblingsmusik:

My favourite music is pop music.

Mein Lieblingsfilm:

My favourite movie is ''Home Alone".

Meine Lieblingsblume:

My favourite flower is a rose.

Würden Sie einen Partner akzeptieren, der bereits Kinder hat? yes
Welche Begriffe beschreiben die Eigenschaften, von denen Sie möchten, dass Ihr Partner an Ihnen schätzt?

I am hard working, I am optimistic and positive. I like to put some aims in life and to reach them. I try never to give up in any situations. I am also curious and I like to know something new all the time, I like also to find some new hobbies for myself.

Welche Aspekte würden höchstwahrscheinlich Ihr Interesse an einem Partner erwecken?

It would be great if my partner would be energetic, full of dreams and positive emotions. It would be also nice if he would live an active and healthy life.

Warum haben Sie Ihrer Meinung nach immer noch keinen passenden Partner gefunden?

I think I haven't found a suitable partner yet, because it is always hard to meet someon special with whom you would share mutual feelings. Besides I am quite a young lady and I think my life experience is not so big yet.

Was halten Sie für das Wichtigste in einer Beziehung?

I think the most important thing in a relationship is mutual love, trust between two partners, support and understanding of course. For me it is very important if there is a respect in the family. I want to trust to my partner 100 percent. Because I think without trust is important to build any sucessful relationship.

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