Olga aus Vinnytsa, Ukraine

ID: 12163
Vorname: Olga
Alter: 40
Geburtsdatum: 13.03.1982
Land: Ukraine
Stadt: Vinnytsa

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Religion: Orthodoxie
Beruf: Beauty specialist
Bildung: Higher
Familienstand: Single
Kinder: No
Höhe: 172 cm 5' 7.7"
Gewicht: 60 kg 132 lbs
Augen: Green
Haar: Chessnut
Englischkenntnis: Grundkenntnisse
Altersgruppe eines Partners: 40-60

Meine Persönlichkeit:

If I love a person, I want him to feel better because of me - at least a sewn button. From the sewn button - to all my soul. ”I don’t remember whose words are these, but I like them, because I want to make my life not necessarily successful, but I just try to do everything, to make my life happy! Happy woman attracts happy people! I am a very sensual person, I am an esthete and love everything beautiful! I take care not only about my appearance but my inner world too. I love to communicate with pleasant intelligent people and surround myself with good things! Even my work in the beauty industry helps me to realize myself as a creative person! I've never been married and I do not have children! What are my dreams and plans?

Über den Mann, den ich suche:

Not only the inner world of a person is important for me , I love neat men with good looks, men who know how to behave beautifully with women, gentlemen in any situation! God created a woman from the edge of a man. She was taken from his side to be equal, from under his hands, to be protected, close to his heart, to be loved.
I just want to be happy and beloved!

Über mich:

They are like all people's, "peaceful sky, strong family and children's laughter in a cozy home." Someone will say these are primitive desires, but I believe that all 7.7 billion people living on our planet want the same! In search of my second half I'm guided by a slogan
"There is only one law in the world of feelings - to make happy the one whom you love." Stendhal

Mehr über mich:

How do I spend free time: although now it is not popular to read books, the 21st century is the age of cutting-edge technology, gadgets! But I love to read the books traditionally! Nothing can compare with this feeling when you turn over pages of your favorite book and plunge into another world enjoying the creations of great classics Chekhov, Moliere, Agatha Christie, Victor Hugo! I love walking, biking, I like to make jelly from strawberries, keep my appartment clean, drink black coffee with milk in the morning! And I get a portion of adrenaline when climbing the mountains! I do not drink alcohol and do not smoke!

Rauchen Sie? no
Trinken Sie Alkohol? Wie oft/wie stark? no
Meine Lieblingsblume:

yellow chrysanthemums and spring iris

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