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Ukrainian Dating & Culture Tips

Ukrainian and Russian languages: How Different? How similar?

Ukrainian and Russian languagesHello guys!

We often hear from you that question – what is the difference between Russian and Ukrainian languages? It is not easy to reply to that question while the answer is really time-consuming.

So, we decided to devote the whole post to that issue. Yes, they are different and today, you will find out how exactly.

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TOP3 of the most famous Ukrainian models

Ukraine safe for datingHello gentlemen!

You all know that Ukraine is so rich for talented people. And Ukrainian models are popular not only in that country but worldwide.

You, western guys, admire the beauty of Ukrainian women. So today, we would love to tell you more about the most beautiful among them – about the most popular and well-known Ukrainian models.

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Traditional Ukrainian clothing: Your Full Guide

Young Ukraine womenHello gentlemen!

We have already told you a lot about Ukraine, Russia, their dating culture, foods, and even the most popular names and celebrities in these countries. However, we have never discussed traditional Ukrainian or Russian clothing. 

So today, we from Best-Matchmaking decided to give you one lesson in Ukrainian history and tell you as much information as possible about the traditional Ukrainian clothing. We have to confess it was quite interesting for us to work on this post while traditional clothing is something that people here start forgetting.

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Ukrainian cuisine: Top5 Most Popular Ukrainian Foods

Ukrainian cuisineHello gentlemen!

The time of the holidays is coming and those of you who have been to Ukraine during holidays know how much celebration Ukrainians have.

And you know that during holidays, Ukrainian tables are cracking of plates with different tasty dishes.

It is true that Ukrainian cuisine is very diverse and hearty. So lots of you prefer coming back to Ukraine just to eat more of Ukrainian cuisine.

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Do legitimate Ukrainian dating sites really exist?

legitimate dating site

Nowadays, when people have such great opportunities for communication over the Internet and can meet each other online, the Ukrainian dating business is expanding too quickly, and online dating, unfortunately, becomes too commercial.

Lots of you have shared with us your sad experience with other dating sites or matchmaking services. And we understand that for some of you, it is not easy to recover after a bunch of stresses and disappointments and start searching again.

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Marrying a Ukrainian woman: Your step by step guide

Young Ukraine womenHello gentlemen! 

Ukrainian women are absolutely stunning and that’s probably the reason for you to read this article. We bet you have already discovered how beautiful, charming, fun, and, of course, sexy, they can be.

And if you still didn’t discover it, then we strongly recommend doing it. But before making any further steps in dating Ukrainian women, you should be aware of all the challenges you may face in that process.

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Why do Ukrainian brides want to marry foreigners?

Why do Ukrainian brides want to marry foreigners?

Hello guys! 

I hope you are in a good mood today and if not, I am going to raise it. Because I would like to reveal the truth and tell you about the real reasons for which Ukrainian women are really willing to marry you – foreign guys.

Those times when post-Soviet ladies wanted to marry the very first western guy to run out of their countries are well behind, so get ready to find out the reality!

Ready? Let’s start to discuss the reasons why Ukrainian brides want to marry foreigners.

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How to tell if a Ukrainian girl likes you

Ukraine girls datingHello guys!

We face so many weird and sometimes ridiculous situations in our work almost every day. We hear so many statements and different questions from our customers.

Very often, after a couple of letters, some of you decide that a lady is in love with you and it’s time to propose. And in such situations, we ask not to hurry up and apply to your common sense.

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Are Ukrainian women the most beautiful in the world?

Flirting with Women of UkraineHello guys!

Since the majority of single eligible brides on our site are from Ukraine, we are back to that topic and want to let you know as much as possible about Ukrainian women.

We often hear from you that Ukrainian women are so beautiful that you cannot even believe your eyes. However, we are sure that beautiful women can be found in any country. So what’s their secret then?

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How to date beautiful Lviv women: Your Step-by-step guide

Dating in LvivHello guys!

You often ask us whether there is a difference between Ukrainian women from megacities and village girls, women in Eastern Ukraine and those in the West. And the answer is yes, there is a difference and you cannot use the “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to Ukrainian women.

All of them are different and depending on their age, education, and, of course, location, their personality, and attitude towards relationships and dating in general.

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