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Russian Dating & Culture Tips

Do Russian women attracted by foreign men for real?

russian women➔ Do Russian women attracted by foreign men for real?
➔ Why Russian women marry foreign men?
➔Is Marriage in Russia  still expensive and stressful ?
➔What is  crisis of trust the majority of Russian women have?
➔ Pragmatism in Russian women’s relations to men.....Does it really exist?

To answer all this questions, we first have to look at what Russian women expecting for in a mate. My colleagues and I also conducted a survey of Russian women who are dating foreign men, and asked them about their reasons for doing so. ⬇  Keep learning ⬇


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What are Ukrainian & Russian women sexual values?

Russian women sexual valuesAre you often embarrassed to ask your Russian or Ukrainian girl about her attitude towards sex? But we know how much each of you is curious about it. Ukrainian and Russian ladies often are considered to be cold and not very emotional.

This stereotype is partially true and lots of Ukrainian and Russian ladies might seem cold to you at the very beginning. But it has nothing to do with their sexual values and preferences. So this time, we from best-matchmaking will tell you what you wanted to know most of all - Russian women sexual values.

Ready? Let’s start ➔ 

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How much does it cost to marry a Russian woman?

how much does it cost to marry a Russian womanSooner or later, each of you starts wondering how much does it cost to marry a Russian woman? This is a natural question while everyone who is searching for a Russian or Ukrainian woman needs to know that meeting her is not all yet.

Meeting your lady is just half success, and real challenges start one you decide to marry and move to your country together. We from best-matchmaking will tell you everything about marriage with a Russian woman and Russian bride cost. Keep reading till the very end and do not miss this valuable information. ➔


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Most unbelievable Russian marriage traditions [2021 reviews]

Russian marriage is something mysterious for most of you while it is full of traditions and superstitions. You often ask us what kind of wedding your woman expects to have – the traditional wedding of your country or her own.

In a current article we will tell you everything about Russian marriage traditions right in this post. You will find out everything about marriages and weddings in the country of your Slavic woman and can easily select the most interesting ones for your future wedding. ➔

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Russian cuisine: Top5 Most Popular Russian Foods

Russian foodHello gentlemen!

Now as we from Best-Matchmaking started to post profiles of Russian women, you keep asking us different questions about Russia, Russian brides, and Russian culture.

And since food is one of the most important parts of any culture, we decided to make you acquainted with that aspect in Russia. So today, you will find out about the most popular Russian dishes.

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What makes Russian girls so special?

Russian girls so specialHello gentlemen!

We from Best-Matchmaking believe that the reason for you to read this post is your wish to marry one of the Russian women. They are someone who attracts men from all over the world to hundreds of online dating sites for many years now.

Lots of men become the happiest man on earth when dating and marrying these Russian beauties. Others may not be so lucky and say Russian women are one of the worst ladies on this planet after their refusal.

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Can be an alternative to Slavic marriage services?

Mamba.ruHello guys!

We bet each of you has ever tried online dating or at least dating apps. Lots of you have even shared their impressions and experiences after using them. We from Best-Matchmaking personally have never met anyone who met his love through one of such dating apps. But we became very curious about how they work and whether they are so efficient.

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Russian girls smoking – is it considered sexy?

Russian girls smokingHello guys!

Very often, when you give us your preferences of a lady you want to find, you mention that you want a tall and beautiful lady and she has to be a non-smoker.

We understand pretty well that lots of you lead a healthy lifestyle, try to stay fit, and would like to have a lady who shares your interests and life goals.

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Dating Novosibirsk women online: TOP Tips

Dating Novosibirsk womenGreetings, guys!

Searching for a Russian woman? Then you are in the right place while here we are going to tell you everything we know about Siberian women – women from Novosibirsk. You have never even heard of that city and never realized where it is situated. We already told you a lot about dating Yakutsk women, and today would like to share some more information about women from Siberia.

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Why are Russian ladies looking for a husband abroad?

Dating a Russian womanHello gentlemen,

We hope you are in a good mood and ready to find your foreign bride right now. But before, we from Best-Matchmaking, as always want you to learn as much as possible about your future wife – one of the beautiful Russian women.

Lots of you ask us why these beautiful ladies seek for a man elsewhere if they can easily find a husband in their country.

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