Russian Dating & Culture Tips

Russian video chat online: how it works

Russian video chat onlineHello gentlemen!

Chat with Russian women is a great chance to meet women, isn’t it? It gives you so many advantages. First of all, it allows you to talk to a lady behind those gorgeous and shimmering profiles pictures directly.

And sometimes, such a video chat can confirm your great impression of a lady or vice a versa, change it forever. 

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Hot Russian Girls: Three Best Methods to Meet Them

European girls for dating and marriageHello guys!

We often hear about your terrible experience with various dating sites when trying to meet hot Russian girls. You then start wondering what would be the best way to meet eligible single Russian girls for dating and marriage.

Some of you simply ask if it would be a good idea to just go to Russia or Ukraine and meet your woman there. Maybe it would but there are some things to consider.

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Why are mature Russian women looking for western men?

Mature Russian womenHello gentlemen!

When we ask you what kind of woman would you like to find, you always mention that she should be mature apart from everything else.

And that’s right while everyone would like to have a mature person by his side. Russian women are looking for mature well as well. But who are they, mature Russian women?

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What do Russians think of interracial dating?

Interracial datingHello gentlemen!

Interracial dating? We bet if you came across this post, you have thought of it. And we are not surprised while international and interracial dating is really popular nowadays. Moreover, it is even pretty trendy. 

In western countries, no one can be really surprised when seeing an interracial couple. But is that the same in Russia? Sure, you all can see thousands of Russian women searching for foreign men online. But what do Russians in general think of such dating? 

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How to find the best Russian dating sites in 2019

best Russian dating sitesHello guys!

Are you planning to search for a lovely Russian woman to make her your wife and become a devoted life partner to her? Our congratulations!

But for that purpose, you should find a great way to meet your future wife. And there is no secret that most western men choose Russian and Ukrainian dating services to find their life partner.

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Russian dating apps: How to use & what to consider

Russian dating appsHello guys, 

If you came across our post, you are most likely interested in Russian dating apps. And you should know that they love dating apps in Russia.

According to data from Sensor Tower, Russia is the world’s leader of dating app installments. It means that Russian women and men also use dating apps to meet their better half.

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TOP5 simple tips on dating a Russian woman

Dating a Russian womanHello gentlemen!

Dating a Russian woman became already a modern tendency in the western world. Each of you wants to get one of the most beautiful, diligent, and devoted women on the planet Earth.

And everyone thinks that using all those internet tips and YouTube videos on how to date or seduce a Russian lady, he will be successful. But eventually, something goes wrong and all your dating turns into a fiasco. Why?

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How to understand Russian dating culture & rules

Russian dating cultureHello guys!

We have told you about how to date Russian women in one of our previous posts, so now you know a bit better about the dating culture in Russia.

But keeping up with the topic of Russian dating, we would like to discuss Russian dating customs. Frankly speaking, this topic is even more important than it may seem.

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Russian Dating Scams: Facts, Tips & Red Flags

Russian dating scamGreetings, guys!

We hope that you came across this post just because you were curious and not because you were scammed and now are searching for some help online.

Facing a scammer, especially when you put so much effort, time, money, and feelings into finding your future wife, is just terrible and very unpleasant. Although we wish everyone only safe online dating experience, we want to warn you and give you some helpful tips on how to spot a scammer online or in a meeting.

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Russian engagement & wedding traditions

Russian engagementHello, gentlemen!

It is very important to discuss serious topics such as the safety of online dating and how to avoid scam, but today, we decided to raise your mood and tell you about something pleasant, about weddings.

A Russian wedding is very different from a western one, and lots of you ask us hundreds of questions about how everything is happening in Ukraine and Russia, what are the traditions and how it’s better to arrange a wedding with our lady.

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