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TOP 5 FREE dating apps [ 2020 Review]

Nowadays, when we all live in the era of technologies and various apps, we are sometimes too busy to date in real life. So dating apps and sites can become a great option for those people who are too busy working or simply are too shy to find their match traditionally.

We from best-matchmaking have gathered and reviewed the best dating apps and are going to share our review with you. Find out what top 5 best free dating apps are, learn about their benefits and drawbacks right now.

Let’s start ➔


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How to date during PANDEMIC ? [Proven Tips]

Hello gentlemen!

The pandemic of corona virus has ruined the plans of many people, including our male and female customers. Every day, we get questions from you about:

➤ How to communicate and meet your potential matches?

➤When will it be possible to travel?

➤Is it possible at all to practice dating during pandemic or better to forget it?

➤ And whether Ukraine accepts foreigners nowadays.

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Europe dating online: How to find the best European online dating sites

Woman to DateHello gentlemen!

We from best-matchmaking love interacting with our customers and just with the visitors on our site.

This gives us the inspiration to do something good for you and create more and more options for you to find your love on our site. 

We noticed recently that more and more men ask us about European ladies.

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Dating American women vs Foreign women

Dating foreign womenHello guys!

We from best-matching would love to keep talking about international dating (s. also How do international dating sites work?) and today, we would love to discuss dating American women vs foreign women.

We have already compared American and Slavic women in our previous posts.

But this time, we would love to dig a little deeper and compare American dating and dating women from different foreign countries.

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How to date a Latina: Latino dating tricks

How to date a LatinaHello gentlemen!

We from best-matchmaking are so curious to learn more about women from different parts of the world and in this post, our choice fell on Latina women.

They are not less desired by men from all over the globe than Slavic mail order brides, so they are worth being devoted to a separate post.

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