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TOP 14 questions to ask your partner before marriage

relationship advice➢The truth is so many issues in marriages could be avoided if partners put in some more effort .... One of the ways to do it is to ask your partner “the right” questions.

Keep watching this video and learn the best relationship advice:

  • What questions to ask your partner before marriage to avoid divorce;
  • Why it is important to discuss certain things before marriage;
  • How to save your marriage before even getting married, and much more.

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little BIG lies all women tell men…..

lies all women tell men Nobody is perfect, right?
Even if your girlfriend seems to be an angel, you might probably have noticed her telling lies to you.
However, some of such lies might be either big or little.
It is possible to classify all the little BIG lies all women tell men, so we decided to mention typical ones.

Ꙭ  Let’s review dumb things guys believe Ꙭ 

 ⬇ Bellow is a list of the top  lies girls tell guys

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✓ 12 Best Tips in 2021 on How to Pick up Girls!

how to pick up girls➢Wonder how to pick up girls?

➢Tired of all them saying “No” to you. We guess we have something for you in the hood.

➢ Also carious about  Ways on how to turn a woman on?

➢With our list of main pieces of advice, you will easily get to know how to get a girlfriend fast. Sounds interesting? 

➢ Body language is as necessary as the language of communication. If you learn several rules of how to use non-verbal communication, you will get to know how to turn her on effectively. So try to mind all the tips on how to use the language of gestures to pick her up as well as to turn her on when the right time comes.  

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TOP Reasons for Ukrainian Women to Be Interested in a Man Like You

Ukrainian women Are you fascinated with the beauty of Ukrainian women? Want to be with a girl from Ukraine?

If yes, you should be prepared to pass the test.

Here is a list of the things a Ukrainian woman considers to be present in a man.

Another section reflects the things that she does not tolerate in a man.

Want to know more?  Find the answers below  ⬇ 



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How to ask a girl out? [TIPS 2020]

How to ask a girl outGreetings, our dear readers and customers!

We from best-matchmaking have noticed that it is a trouble for lots of you to ask a girl out. It’s no wonder while when it comes to talking to someone we really like, we feel embarrassed. No worries, having trouble with it is absolutely normal and, fortunately, we are here to help you.

You should know that you are not alone in that challenge and lots of guys have the same experience. Below, we will tell you how to ask a girl out without embarrassment. You will find the most proven tips that helped lots of men already. ➔

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Dishonesty in relationships and how to deal with it [advice for men]

Dishonesty in a relationshipHello gentlemen!

We from best-matchmaking keep talking about various relationships and dating problems.

And this time, we would love to cover one of the most important topics ever – dishonesty in relationships.

Even though all people strive to have trust and loyalty in their lives, dishonesty still happens.

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TOP tips on how to find dominant women for dating

dominant woman for datingHello gentlemen!

You probably have already heard how strong and reliable Slavic women are. They all want a man to lead the relationship and bear responsibility for them both.

This is a part of their culture and because of that, our women are so demanded among men all over the globe.

But some men prefer dominant women. A dominant woman is in control of all aspects of her life and relationship is not an exception for her.

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How many dates should you have before sex?

Dates & sexHello guys!

We from best-matchmaking keep talking about dating and relationships and this time, we would love to talk about sex and dating.

The pair of these words is very complicated and confuses lots of people. We all remember times when sex almost never preceded a marriage. 

But times change, let alone people. The relationship doesn’t work that way anymore.

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How To Get a Beautiful Girlfriend: 4 Most Proven Ways

single Ukrainian womanHello guys!

If you are reading this, you probably dream to have a very beautiful woman by your side but didn’t manage to have her before.

If you think having a beautiful girlfriend is unreal for you, you are wrong because everything is possible. 

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Courting vs Dating: Main Differences & Why Both Are Important

Courting vs datingHello gentlemen!

Unfortunately, with the development of online dating, courting and romance have almost lost their values.

People can simply message to each other without putting too much effort.

Modern people stopped thinking about the needs of others when it comes to dating. They put their interests first.

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