Why are Latvian mail order brides looking for foreign men

Latvian mail order bridesHello guys!

Have you ever traveled to Latvia? This country seems to be inhabited with polite models who want to date you. And moreover, your odds of getting one of the mail order brides from Latvia are very high, while the number of women in the country exceeds the number of men.

So any western guy is a pretty eligible groom in that Baltic country.

Once you browse the pictures of Latvian brides on any of the dating sites, you will notice they look a bit different than women from other countries. From the very first look, you can notice their natural charm and femininity. Such a large number of beautiful women are looking for marriage with a western man on various dating sites. You may wonder why.

So let’s try to find out together whether Latvian brides are really looking for western men and what are their reasons for that.

Ready? Let’s roll!

Who are mail order brides from Latvia?

Latvian womenDon’t be surprised by that name. It has nothing to do with purchasing a bride online. Mail order brides are women who register on the dating sites to find their life partner.

There are such women in Latvia too. They join various local and international dating agencies to find a man and spend their life with him.

Mail order brides from Latvia choose to look for their life partner abroad. Latvian women are not picky and do not have certain preferences concerning the country of his living.

But they tend to choose western men more. They also often get married men from other Eastern European countries.

Unlike Ukrainian or Russian women, Latvian brides are more open to foreign dating and marriages. But why is that? Why are they willing to meet a foreign partner? Let’s try to understand it together.

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Why mail order brides from Latvia are different from others

Women in Latvia are surely worth chasing for a long term relationship and marriage. They look amazing, astonishing, wear high heels, elegant dresses, have wonderful hair. So what you may say, lots of Eastern European girls look the same. Yes but not really.

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If you have ever visited some Eastern European countries, you could notice that lots of girls, especially in Poland and the Czech Republic, have an annoying habit of shaving one side of their head. You will never see that thing in Latvia. Women in that country look like women and do not want to look like men at all.

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  • Mianna

    31 y.o, Kiev, Ukraine

Lots of dating sites consider Latvian brides to be the most beautiful in the world. Sometimes, they also consider themselves to be equal to men, especially in their career. But they still remain very feminine, not feministic. And they do everything a woman should do; they take care of the house and become great moms to their children. But what makes them search for foreign men?

Reason 1 - High competition

Latvian womanAs you already know, the number of men in Latvia is much less than the number of women in the country. So the first reason for them to search for men online is their demographic situation. So, the competition among women in the country is huge and each of them is trying to get a good man by looking her best.

To find a good man, women have to put many efforts. They look always stunning and attend various events, such as concerts, exhibitions, etc. to get acquainted with men. But their number is still very small so the only thing women in Latvia can do is to look for a man abroad.

A foreign husband in the conditions of such a competition is the best option for these girls. They know how western guys are impressed with their looks and personality traits, so an international marriage is a great way out of the poor demographic situation.

Reason 2 – Low “quality” of local men

Very often, Latvian females are not satisfied with the “quality” of those men in their country. The truth is women in Latvia are very hard-working. They get a good education no matter what. They try to find themselves in a good career and be helpful to other people and society in general. But men in Latvia appear to be not that ambitious.

Very often, they are lazier than women and do not want to have such a good job and are satisfied with lying on the couch and drinking beer in a pub on the weekends. Such a scenario is not very attractive to Latvian brides. So what they can do in this case? Of course, search for a man elsewhere.

Latvian brides are very respectful and independent; they appreciate western values and understand western men very well. An international marriage means they will find a man who is also hard-working and respectful towards them.

Reason 3 – A better life

Latvian bridesThis may sound ironic but some Latvian brides really search for a western man to find a better life, as well lots of other Slavic brides representatives. It doesn’t mean they are gold-diggers. Not at all. They are just striving for more.

The truth is these ladies are very hard-working and want to have a good career. Very often, Latvia doesn’t give them good career opportunities, either self-development. So the only thing they can do to find a better job and life is to move abroad. Marriage with a western man is their chance to leave Latvia and move to your country.

Please don’t think they get married just to move abroad because this is not true. If they meet a good man and fall in love, they get married and only then they move to your country. They regard marriage with a western guy as a good chance to move abroad and have a better life. But they marry only a man they love.

How to get mail order brides from Latvia

Latvia has a 50% divorce rate. This is almost close to the USA rate, which is nearly 54%. Such a high rate of divorces is connected to the fact that local men do not satisfy women’s needs and expectations. As we mentioned already, Latvian guys often appear to be lazy and not so ambitious.

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Moreover, men in Latvia often cheat on their ladies. So you can do the following to conquer the heart of one of the Latvian brides:

  • Be sincere and genuine. If you want to date a Latvian bride, you should be sincere with her. They always feel if you’re lying or playing games. This will be a big turn-off.
  • Be loyal. Cheating is a thing for Latvian women, so she has to trust you totally to pick you as her partner. Once you betray her, forget about her.
  • Be romantic. These women look amazing and always elegant. Be romantic, buy flowers, and look your best for a date!

What mail order brides from Latvia think of foreign men

Polish women for datingAlthough women in Latvia are very cautious about foreigners (Latvia is a popular sex tourism destination), they still love foreigners. A foreign husband means a better life and more opportunities for them.

If you show your devotion and respect, she will be yours forever.  Russian and Ukrainian brides  have the same attitude towards western men by the way.

Women in Latvia usually speak good English, so they enjoy the company of a foreigner and adore communicating with you. They are never rude or impolite.

Vice versa, they are very sociable an open to new people and especially to men. As we mentioned already, if you are loyal and prove her devotion, you will hardly find a better wife than this Latvian bride.

Western men are not only a good chance to move abroad for Latvian women, but they also are an example of respect and real masculinity. Very often, Latvian guys are not able to provide for their families. So a western man is their chance to become happy in marriage.

Where you can find mail order brides from Latvia

dating Ukrainian womenComing to Latvia is great, it is a beautiful small Eastern-European country with wonderful landscapes. You can come, walk their old streets and enjoy the crowds of stunning women walking back and forth. If you attend an exhibition or theater, you can meet even more Latvian brides there. They adore various cultural events.

But meeting one of the Latvia brides on a dating site or via matchmaking service is also a good option. On best-matchmaking, for example, you can meet lots of brides from Latvia and be 100% satisfied while their profiles are verified by our site. If you choose to talk to her in our video chat, you can make sure this lady really exists and looks as beautiful as in her profile pictures.

We have also profiles of Russian and Ukrainian women who search for their life partners on our site. We offer a Romantic tour for you to come and visit your woman in her country. We wish you to meet only genuine ladies in the process of your search!

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Ukrainian matchmakingWritten by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency Best-Matchmaking.com.

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