Top Ways to Make New Friends Through Video Chat

video_chatMany people use video chats but not many know that they can make great friends thanks to them. If you have never used a video chat or have never succeeded to find anyone, find out what exactly you should know about this way of meeting people. Chat safely and protect yourself to the tips below. Read the post until the end and find out:

  • The pros and cons of a video chat;
  • Why a video chat can be dangerous;
  • How to find someone for friendship or relationships in a video chat;
  • What questions you should and should never ask in a video chat to make a good impression;
  • What kind of video chats there exist and how to use them to succeed;
  • What video chats you should avoid by all means and much more.   Keep reading ⬇ 

The Pros and Cons of Video Chats

Video chats stopped being something incredible or extraordinary a long time ago and nearly replace live communication between people. In our tough times of lockdowns and crazy occupancy of people, a video chat is a sort of salvation and allows people to be in touch no matter where they are and what time of the day it is.

Of course, there are both pros and cons of such communication because nothing is perfect. Before using a free or a paid video chat, be aware of its benefits and drawbacks, so here you have the list of them.

Video chat benefits


  • Availability — you can use them wherever and whenever you wish, there are no limitations;
  • Easy to use — they are convenient and even a newbie can master them;
  • Opportunity to be in touch with your friends or close people — all modern people use video chats nowadays, so you can easily communicate with the dearest ones seeing and hearing them at the same time;
  • A chance to make new friends — lots of people utilize video chats to acquire new mates no matter where they live, you can easily make friends with people from different corners of the globe;
  • Possibility to meet your new crush — lots of couples meet each other exactly through video chats.

Video chat drawbacks

  • They cannot replace live communication since people need real-life relationships;
  • You can meet a scammer on a video chat;
  • High cost — not all video chats are free, so if you want to meet someone to date, you should get ready to pay some significant amount for it.

The dangers of video chats

A video chat is cool when you communicate with your wife, relative, or friends. What if you want to meet someone through it? Then you will definitely communicate with many unknown people before you meet the one. You never know their background and cannot verify it, unfortunately. This is the main danger of any video chat no matter whether it is free or paid.

Check more about what you should be concerned about when using video chat options:

  • On paid video chat sites, you can watch a pre-written video of a woman instead of live streaming;
  • You can chat with a model who is paid for being on camera and communicating with you;
  • Scammers often use video chats to catch men and then chase gifts and profit;
  • A person you communicate with might use filters and various digital masks and look very different in reality.

free-video-chatsTherefore, if you are going to meet a new crush, someone to date with, or a girl for a serious relationship, it is better to use reputable and verified services for your video chats. For example, when picking a dating site for your communication, select only those that provide Skype or Zoom calls where you both can see and hear each other clearly. Otherwise, you risk being scammed.

However, if your intentions are serious and you want to find a true life partner and a real person to date, you’d better use more tailored and trustworthy services like matchmaking or sites using an individual approach. For example, lots of people have used this program to find their life partner and succeeded. It helps meet not only someone from your country but also from any other corner of the world. Matchmaking is a proven way not to waste your time and money and meet a good partner that will suit you 100%. It means that you can talk on a video chat only with those people who match you individually and will never meet a scammer.

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The dos and don’ts of communication on a video chat

It seems that talking to someone on a video chat is much easier than in reality. It is true to some extent and you can really feel more convenient or confident when communicating with someone only through your phone or laptop screen. If you do not like the person, you don’t have to keep the date going on and can simply stop the conversation.

However, communication on video chats can be also embarrassing and there are some dos and don’ts you must be aware of. Some topics are a big no-no and must never be covered when talking this way. You can discuss then in detail when meeting this person in reality.

Topics to avoid on video chats

  • It is not recommended to talk about politics on a video chat. Most likely, you communicate with a woman you have never met before and you do not know her well enough yet. You must be careful not to scare her off. Politics is one of the topics people often disagree about, so if you do not want to end your acquaintance sooner than necessary, avoid this topic.
  • Religion is very important to many people but you should not ask about it an unknown person. If your religious views do not coincide, this is not a big problem but it should not be an obstacle to communication. When hearing about religion, women might be scared that you are too fanatic about it and will just end their communication.
  • Needless to say that talking about sex with people you do not know is not necessary unless you are looking for a one-night stand. If you want to find a girl to date or have a serious relationship with, it is better to touch this topic much later when you see each other in person.
  • It is not good to ask how much someone earns or what she lives for. Ladies do not like such questions. If you are interested to know what she does for a living, you can ask something related to it that would give you a better idea, for example, what she likes about her job, etc.
  • Why she is single. This is something you should avoid asking your potential friend or girlfriend. Knowing that she is single is enough for you at the stage. This might be a painful topic for anyone, so avoid asking why she is still single. If you are eager to know about it, just tell her more about your search and who knows, she might have a wish to share this with you.

What you should do when having a video chat


  • Look your best. Although a video date is not a real one, don’t forget about looking your best. Bring your hair in order and dress up normally. Don’t appear in your pajamas or sweaty T-shirt. A girl always pays attention to what you look like. If you look messy, it will be clear you do not want to put a single effort to impress your girl. Moreover, it is disrespectful.
  • Dress up. Of course, you should not appear in your video chat half-naked. Make sure to at least have a T-shirt or something to cover your core. No one knows what you wear down unless you stand up but your upper body must look perfect.
  • Clean your room. Of course, there is no need to do a total clear-out or call a cleaning service each time when having a video chat but at least, make sure your room doesn’t look messy. Make your bed and put your clothes away. You do not want your woman to think you are filthy, do you?

Types of video chats

A video chat is a video chat, what else you must know about it you might think? However, there are different types of chats and it would be good to know the peculiarities of each of them. So, here you go.

Type of a video chat



Free video chats

-       Free of charge

-       Not reliable, too many scams

Paid video chats

-       Good quality of services

-       Expensive

Webcam chats

-       You can see your interlocutor face-to-face

-       Expensive (you pay for each minute of live streaming)

-       Many scam sites broadcast pre-recorded videos of women and you cannot even guess this

Skype/Zoom chats

-       You have a full-fledged conversation

-       See and hear one another face-to-face

-       No scams

-       Reputable dating sites charge some pretty high fees for such services, especially, if you require a translator

Group chats

-       Allows multiple people to talk

-       Is useless if you look for someone to date or have a relationship with

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The modern world doesn’t stay still and thanks to technologies, people still can be in touch, date, and even find someone to marry when being on different edges of the world. Video chats are a great opportunity to make friends, pals, and even find better halves from different parts of Earth. You should definitely use this option; it is very convenient and easy to navigate. Do not forget about the above-mentioned rules though. Remember that you should pick a video chat that meets your final goals — making friends, flirting, or finding someone for life!

Now, over to you....Was current post useful? Were you successful to find your match over the video chat?  Feel free to share your opinion on the subject I have described above and kindly leave your comment bellow.

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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