Ukrainian women VS Asian women

Asian Women

✓ Do you know the difference between Ukrainian women and Asian women?

✓ Are they similar to each other, and how?

✓ Let’s find the answers to these and more questions.

The similarities 


Ukrainian women

Asian women

Ukrainian girls are very kind. They have a big heart, genuinely. Most of them participate in various volunteer projects and tend to help the people in need. Even if they do not have a lot of money, they will help others too. 

Asian women are very kind, as well. They also do a lot of things they can to assist the needy and hungry. So it is possible to say that these girls are similar to Ukrainian ones if it comes to kindness.

They are wise. Ukrainian girls know how to organize their lives properly. They are well-educated and tend to participate in various education projects because they like to learn so much. It is possible to say that Ukrainian girls are both savvy and wise like the Asian girls. 

Asian women are sage too. They know the answers to almost all questions about life. They are also brilliant too. Most of them occupy influential positions in various organizations because their IQ level is very high. Moreover, it is such a pleasure to communicate with them. 

They like to work and work a lot. However, there is a specific category of Ukrainian women who are looking for “easy” money. For example, they are scammers and frauds, looking for a possible way to make a man give money to them. Nevertheless, their number is minimal, and most Ukrainian women like to work and spend a lot of time doing something valuable and severe. 

They are hard-workers. Asian women who are not housewives tend to work a lot. It might be said that they are real workaholics. Some of them work 50+ hours per week, which is unacceptable in most western countries. However, work is a sense of life for most Asian women. Therefore, they treat it very seriously. 

The differences


Ukrainian women

Asian women

They are more independent. Ukrainian women work equally to men. They work even when they are on maternity leave because they cannot afford to stay at home. Life is costly in Ukraine, and man’s wages are not enough to supply the family. Therefore, Ukrainian women should be breadwinners sometimes. 

They depend on men a lot. The traditions in China, Japan, and other Asian countries encourage women to depend on men. Therefore, some of them are housewives. They do not work because they should bring up children. It means that it is okay for them to focus on being mothers and taking care of their husbands. 

They are more open-minded. Indeed, Ukrainian women are more flexible and light-hearted. They might forgive a man many things. Some of them are so desperate to get married that they even are brave enough to flirt with married men. they say, “The wife is not the wall.” So nothing can stop such women in their search for happiness. However, not all the girls in Ukraine are like these.  

They are shy. Asian women are born and raised with the idea that they should get married one day. Their parents invest a lot of effort and money to make a perfect mother and wife out of them in the future. Therefore, they rarely have a chance to have their opinion and raise their voice if things happen, not the way they like. 

They are more stylish. It is not a secret that all Ukrainian women like to dress up nicely. They spend a lot of money each month on clothes and shoes. It might be complicated for you to spend hours in the shopping malls, but it is worth it. 

They do not care about how they look. Most of the Asian girls look as if they do not care how they look. However, it does not mean that they do not use cosmetics at all, but they do not focus too much on their appearance. 

They want all the things to be right now. It means that they have a strong character. They can argue with men on the same level and share their ideas fluently. No one will judge them for it.  

They are more patient. If it comes to Asian women, they will remain patient even if a man beats them. They think that a woman must be mild and gentle and never complain. Therefore, sometimes their lives are very hard.  


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Now let's discuss aspects of life with Ukrainian or Asian woman




If you want to move to Asian countries, you should keep in mind that the flats are tiny. It will be difficult for you to live in such a home if your family is huge. 

In Ukraine, you might live in a big apartment. However, if you want to buy it, you should have a lot of money. Nevertheless, if money is not a big deal, feel free to move to Ukraine. 

You cannot have more than three kids in some of the Asian countries. It is against the law. Therefore, you should use contraceptives. 

Feel free to live with a Ukrainian woman if you want to have a lot of kids. The government motivates couples to give birth to many children, providing them with financial aid. 

Christianity is forbidden in most Asian countries. So if you are a religious person, it will be challenging to live there as long as it is against the law to praise God and gather together to pray. 

Ukraine is a country that allows various religions. You might believe in whatever you want, and no one will judge or punish you for that. Therefore, life here is much easier if it comes to believing in supernatural things. 


           To sum up, the number of differences is prevailing. Also, there are many positive aspects of living in Ukraine. So if you want to move to the wife’s country, you would better begin dating a Ukrainian woman. We did not judge how beautiful they are because it is a matter of taste. If you are fascinated with Ukrainian girls and want to find the best dating service there, check out this article. To find out why Ukrainian girls are the hottest ones, you might click here. Wish you to find your beloved one soon and be happy with her for the rest of your life!

Now, over to you....Was current post useful? What race of woman are you most interested in?  Feel free to ask me for a dating advice and kindly leave your comment bellow.

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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