TOP10 of the most popular Ukrainian female names

The name of a person is an important part of her/his personality. And Ukrainians believe that when you give the name to a person, he or she acquires a holy defender who protects people in difficult moments of their lives.

That’s why Ukrainian parents choose the name very carefully based on the name’s meaning. Traditional Ukrainian names are the names of biblical characters and saints who have Jewish, Greek, and Latin roots.

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There are also names coming from Scandinavia, old Russian names, names loaned from Western European languages, and, of course, old Slavic names in Ukrainian culture.

We from Best-Matchmaking have made a list of the most popular Ukrainian female names nowadays, including some traditional ones. Each of the names has its meaning and history.

Read our list till the end and try to find the names you know. Maybe it will help you understand Ukrainian ladies much better. It might even help you choose your Ukrainian bride by the meaning of her name, who knows.

10.  ALINA

Alina AstrovskayaThat name has the Latin origin and means “different”, “foreign”, etc. That name is also wide-spread in Scandinavia. Another version says that the name Alina comes from Latin word “albus” and means “white, light, and blond”.

The girls having that beautiful name are pretty sassy and picky. They love everything to be according to their wishes. These ladies easily make conflicts and it’s pretty difficult for them to find contact with other people.

Alina has a self-dignity, is a bit selfish and adores being a leader. They are not very good friends because of their personal traits. She says everything she thinks directly.

But women with that name have also various strengths. Alina has a very good memory and is very talented. Most women with the name Alina are very creative; adore drawing and painting, for example. In order to reach her goal, Alina will put all her efforts. However, her character is pretty difficult.

A Ukrainian lady with the name Alina doesn’t rush to get married. However, for her man, she always wants to be a super-lady.

Among famous Ukrainian women named Alina are such singers, as Alina Grosu and Alina Astrovskaya (on the picture).

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 9. YEVA

Yeva BushminaYeva became one of the most popular girls’ names in Ukraine in the year 2017. Of course, that name doesn’t have Ukrainian origin but you can meet Ukrainian girls named Eva more and more often nowadays. Its European and American variants are Eve and Eva.

Yeva is the mother of the whole mankind and comes from old Jewish name Khava meaning “the one who gives life” or “life”. The meaning of that name can be interpreted in our modern world as “alive”, “vivid”.

A woman named Yeva possesses a very strong character and ability to control herself in any situation.

Yeva is very attentive, reserved, even-tempered, and persistent. She has her own opinion on everything that might happen in life. Ladies with that name always listen to their own opinion first, even if the whole world thinks differently.

A female named Yeva is pretty intelligent and, as a rule, has a high IQ. She trusts facts more than her intuition. Yeva usually becomes a good professional in her career.

However, when it comes to love, girl having that name is very caring and tender; you will never get bored with her. She often chooses a man with the same temper and character, as her own. She will never get married to the first guy she meets, that girl is looking for a man meeting all her requirements. Yeva is a queen in the kitchen and a perfect housewife. For that reason, her husband is always mad about her.

The most famous Ukrainian woman with the name Yeva is the singer Yeva Bushmina (on the picture).



Polina LogunovaThe origin of that name has several versions. The most popular of them is that it comes from the Greek God of Sun Apollo, which means “sunny” or “devoted to Apollo”.

Another version says that the name Polina has French roots and comes from the male name Pole, which means “petite” in Latin. The name has lots of different forms. Anyways, in the modern Ukrainian culture, the name Polina became very independent.

Sometimes, it seems that Polina is too demanding and proud. However, she is very modest. She is very sociable and has no problems with communication. Polina is comfortable anywhere, she can maintain any talk pretty well and interesting.

Polina is looking for success in life and doesn’t like to argue at all. Girls with that name are very friendly and unselfish. She loves her friends, pets, and everyone around her. Polina is also very patient. That woman is a very loyal friend ready to help anytime. However, she is not very trusting.

Polina doesn’t like to control anyone, she is very caring. In her family, everyone listens to her, even her pets.

She doesn’t like to have conflicts and loves to make her home cozy. She always respects and forgives her husband for anything. She will always choose her family instead of her career. Polina is also a very good and loving mother. She adores participating in the life of her children.

Polina Logunova is a famous Ukrainian actress and a Radio/TV presenter (on the picture).

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Yulia TymoshenkoA European and American variant of the Ukrainian name Yulia is Julia. There are two versions of its origin. The first one is that it comes from Greek and means “curly” or “fluffy”. Another version says the name came from Latin and means “from the race of Julius”.

All ladies with the name Yulia are extremely sociable. They have a good intuition and are very creative.

Yulia often argues and doesn’t accept she is not right. Yulia becomes a real life-partner and soulmate for her husband. He is the sense of her life. The household is one of her favorite hobbies; she devotes much time to it. Yulia adores entertaining guests. Yulia also adores reading. Women with that name think of very interesting activities for her and her family.

Ladies named Yulia are very good listeners but do not like to talk much about them. Yulia seems to be very wise and tactic, but she is pretty moody inside.

Yulia Tymoshenko is a famous Ukrainian politician (on the picture). Famous women with the name Yulia are also Yulia Savicheva (Russian singer), Yulia Vysotskaya (Russian actress and TV presenter), Yulia Nachalova (Russian singer and actress), and many others.


Nika TurbinaThe name was very popular in the year 2016 among parents. Veronika has a Latin origin. It means “the one who brings victory” (the name of the Greek Goddess Nika). The name is also very popular now in England, Romania, Italy, and Czech Republic. You can meet girls named Veronika even in Brazil.

Girls with that name are pretty modest and sensible. Veronika is a pretty discreet person; she doesn’t like opening her heart to people. Veronika is not demanding but her emotional condition is very changeable.

She adores and appreciates the comfort and beautiful and expensive things. But this doesn’t mean she is greedy, she can be happy with the smallest things. Veronika always finds a solution to any problem, and sometimes its solution is really extraordinary. Ladies named like that create a good and successful career. They adore literature and music.

Men are crazy about these ladies. She is pretty amorous and volatile. A strong man (both physically and emotionally) is perfect for this girl. Veronika wants to feel weak by his side. She can sacrifice her work for the sake of her family.

Among celebrities with the name Veronika are Ukrainian poetess Nika Turbina (on the picture) and Veronika Bilotserkivska (a Ukrainian and Russian author, wife of a Russian oligarch).

5.  OLGA

Olga KurylenkoOlga is a very popular and wide-spread name in Ukraine. Its origin also has two versions. One of the legends says it is an ancient Russian name with Scandinavian roots; it comes from the name Helga. It means “wise”, “light”, “saint”.

Another legend says that Olga is an ancient Slavic name meaning “sunny”, “good”, “great”, etc. It is popular not only in Ukraine and Russia but in Europe, as well, for example, in the Czech Republic, Scotland, Germany, and Finland. You can meet ladies named like that even in Brazil and Argentina.

The main traits of Olga’s character are her strong will, intellect, and working capacity. When she has a goal, she will reach it for sure. She wants to be independent in everything.

Olga is a fighter. Her character is complicated but strong. Olga is a very serious girl, even in her childhood. Olga is pretty strict even to herself. She takes care of her appearance and clothes. Olga is a perfect cook and loyal wife.

Olga Freimut is a very popular Ukrainian TV presenter. Olga Polyakova is a famous Ukrainian singer. And, of course, everyone knows Olga Kurylenko (on the picture), a well-known James Bond’s girlfriend who has a Ukrainian origin.


Zlata OgnevichThis name became popular just in the recent years. Nearly every second little girl in Ukraine is called Zlata nowadays. The name first appeared in the Medieval Times. It was translated from Yiddish and means “gold”, “golden”. The name was very wide-spread in Belarus, Lithuania, and Poland.

Zlata is a very serious child. She doesn’t lie and is very sincere, always tells the truth. People having that unusual name are very gifted and responsible. Zlata has a sociable personality. She likes picnics with friends. However, ladies with that name spend holidays rather at home with her beloved ones.

Zlata doesn’t like wasting money; she is very tactic from the very childhood. Zlata is not likely to offend other people. These girls are not too public; they feel comfortable only in the circle of the closest people. They are also pretty curious.

Ladies named Zlata will rather avoid problems than solve them. Zlata will never feel the lack of the opposite sex’s attention. But she will not marry too early. That lady doesn’t care about how much her husband earns. It’s more important for her to find her real soulmate. She is a wonderful wife and housewife, one of the best. As a rule, her family is happy and her marriage is successful. Zlata has too few friends. But she takes care of them and loves them.

The name became one of the 20 most popular baby names in Ukraine in the year 2016. Zlata Ognevich (on the picture) is a very popular Ukrainian singer, a participant of the Eurovision-2013 song contest, who became a very popular politician as well.


Nastya KamensikhThis name has a Greek origin and means “immortal”, “resurrection”, etc. In Orthodoxy, Anastasia is a saint defender of all pregnant women and imprisoned people.

Anastasia is a very kind and trusting lady. In her childhood, she adores fairy-tales and has a very good imagination. Lady called Anastasia is very hard-working. But she is also too dreamy, so it’s difficult for her to concentrate.

The girl adores keeping her home clean; she is a very good mother and wife. Anastasia loves flowers, pictures, art.

Nastya is a short form of the name Anastasia; she loves people and is very sensual and helpful. People often tell her their secrets, because she keeps them well. Nastya is a good nurse, teacher, or psychologist.

The Ukrainian and Russian women with this name are very romantic. But she can sacrifice her own needs for the sake of other people. Anastasia depends on the man she loves. For that reason, she gets married only a strong man who is able to provide for his family. These women are very loving, caring, and are good mothers and wives.

Anastasia Pryhodko, for example, is a very famous Ukrainian pop-singer. Anastasia Zavorotnyuk is a very famous and beautiful Russian actress. One of the most popular and bright Ukrainian personalities is Nastya Kamensikh – a Ukrainian singer (on the picture).

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Kseniya BorodinaKseniya from Greek “xenia” means “hospitable”. Kseniya is very attractive and sociable. However, be careful when communicating with her. She can take everything too literally and it’s easy to offend her. She always fights for her rights and for the rights of other people. She is kind and calm.

It’s difficult for Kseniya (Ksyusha) to stay in one and the same place. Her mood can change too quickly, as well. She is ready to sacrifice herself for the sake of her beloved ones. Her intuition is very good, she is also her intelligent.

Kseniya is persistent and is never able to lose. Being very loyal and devoted, Kseniya is a very good friend. Kseniya is very charming and has enough attention from men. She prefers strong and experienced men. She often chooses men who are pretty much older. That woman is seeking for a defense and safety in a man. However, she will choose a man with the same intellectual level and the same life goals as hers. She is very demanding. But once she chooses a man, she devotes herself to him totally. She is a loyal wife and a caring mother. But sometimes it’s not easy to deal with her for her spouse.

Kseniya Mishina is a famous Ukrainian and Russian actress, for example. Among one of the most famous Russian celebrities with the name Kseniya are Kseniya Sobchak (a TV presenter and a politician) and Kseniya Borodina (a Russian TV presenter - on the picture).

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Ruslana LyzhychkoThis name comes from a male name Ruslan, which has a Turk origin. It means “lioness”. Its shortened forms are Rusya or Lana.

The owner of that name is a mixture of endless energy, strength, and confidence. Common sense is her priority. She adores being a leader. Ruslana is always ready to defend herself and she doesn’t rely on men only. She is very proud and stubborn. Sometimes these qualities make her making different mistakes.

Ruslana has a very strong personality and is intelligent and smart. She is a perfect business-woman. Lady with that name will never understand she wasn’t right, so do not wait for any excuses from her. This female is independent and strong from the very childhood. She will never depend on her parents, neither on her man.

If your beloved has the name Ruslana, be patient, it will not be easy. You will have to cope with her ambitions and mood changes. Besides, she is very jealous. But anyways, Ruslana is a reliable friend and support in the difficult times.

Ruslana Lyzhychko is a well-known Ukrainian singer, the winner of the Eurovision-2004 song contest, a politician (on the picture). One of the most popular Ukrainians is Ruslana Pysanka, a famous TV presenter and actress.

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