TOP3 of the most famous Ukrainian models

Ukraine safe for datingHello gentlemen!

You all know that Ukraine is so rich for talented people. And Ukrainian models are popular not only in that country but worldwide.

You, western guys, admire the beauty of Ukrainian women. So today, we would love to tell you more about the most beautiful among them – about the most popular and well-known Ukrainian models.

TOP3 Most Beautiful & Famous Ukrainian Models

You will find out who are TOP3 the most famous Ukrainian models; learn more about them and their career. Also, you will find out about other Ukrainian models who became popular in the western world, as well. This is going to be interesting, so make yourself comfortable and keep reading till the end. Now let’s start our exciting trip to the Ukrainian modeling world! 

#1: Irina Kravchenko 

Irina KravchenkoNot every model can reach such a success to become famous and earn money thanks to her appearance.

But this woman could conquer not only Ukraine but the whole world. Irina Kravchenko is a great exception because she started her modeling career when she was already 23. She climber her social ladder ever since.

She was invited to Aleksandr Wang fashion show in 2012. Since then, she participated in the fashion shows of the most popular fashion houses.

She became the face of advertising campaigns of Prada and Valentino and was on the covers of such magazines as Vogue Germany, Vogue Italia, Vogue China, and Vogue Ukraine. 

Irina Kravchenko is a great example of hard work, strong will, and good luck. Not everyone can manage to become a worldwide known model at her 23! Let’s find out more about this beautiful and strong Ukrainian beauty.

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Irina Kravchenko's history of success

Irina Kravchenko is one of the most demanded Ukrainian top-models. She participated in more than 40 fashion shows worldwide this year only! Irina was born on the 19th 1987 in Zaporozhye. After graduating from school, she studied to be a computer designer and worked as a teacher in a private school. 

Her modeling career was just a happy coincidence. She was noticed and invited to one of the most popular Ukrainian modeling agencies called L-models. Irina needed money and accepted the invitation. She confessed that she goes to see other countries only for work, while she is not that rich to waste her precious time. 

The city Irina lives in now is Kiev but it is difficult to see her there. Most of her time, Irina spends in New York on different fashion weeks. Valentino is her favorite fashion house, as she says. Kravchenko is a very creative person, her hobby is drawing and she was a teacher of drawing at school. 

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  • Nataliya

    31 y.o, Kharkov, Ukraine

#2: Alla Kostromichiova 

Alla KostromichiovaAlla Kostromichiova is another most demanded model in Ukraine. This woman was born and grew up in Sevastopol.

She entered the National Technical University but when being a sophomore, she signed the contract with one of the best model agencies of Milano called Why Not.

Today, Alla participates in the fashion shows of Alexander Mcqueen and Saint Laurent, is starring in advertising, and develops her own model agency Kmodels.

By the way, Alla is a great example of Ukrainian women who search for western men. Alla’s husband is American.

His name is Jason Capone and they have a son Salvatore. Just like most of the Ukrainian models, Alla lives in New York with her family now. Here is some more information about Alla if you are curious.

Alla Kostromichiova's life and career

Anna was a student of the Sevastopol technical university and graduated with a prestigious diploma having all excellent grades. Her modeling career started when she was a student. When she was a 4-th-year student, she got an invitation to go to Paris and worked with the Givenchy fashion house. 

After getting her diploma in medical electronics, she signed her contract with Women international agency and went to New York.

She participated in 55 fashion shows during her first fashion season and cooperated with YSL, Alexander McQueen, Lanvin, Christian Dior, Bottega Veneta, Hermes, Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, MaxMara, Roberto Cavalli, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, and many others. 

Right now, Alla works as a TV host in one of the Ukrainian channels in a fashion TV show. She is married an American and has a son. They all live and work in New York. She runs her own modeling agency and is a very strict boss, by the way. 

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#3: Snezhana Onopko

Snezhana OnopkoThis famous Ukrainian model wasn’t as lucky as two previous ladies and didn’t start her modeling career when being an adult. She worked hard since she was 14 to become a successful model.

Snezhana appeared on the cover of Italian Vogue twice. And in 2007, she appeared in the French Vogue as Anna Wintour.

In summer 2009, she appeared on the cover of Russian Vogue, too. Snezhana participated in fashion shows of such companies as Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Prada, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, YSL, Shiseido, etc.

Snezhana is one of the most successful Ukrainian models who managed to build an amazing career.

Snezhana Onopko decided to leave her modeling career for a while. But now, she decided to go back to this business again. Besides, she has so many followers who wanted her comeback that she could not refuse them. 

Snezhana's life and career details

Snezhana is married a businessman from Donetsk since 2011. She confessed that they do not see each other often but still support each other and he is happy for her success. Her career was developing extremely fast and many people think that her lucky ticket were photographers Steven Meisel and Mario Testino. 

Snezhana is dreaming to have a baby soon that will make her relationships with her husband even stronger. She adores dogs and feeds all the dogs in her district.

Onopko’s dream is to fly to Los Angeles and to take acting classes to stare in the movie with Al Pacino. Music is her passion too, and Snezhana even wanted to take singing classes before but changed her mind while she doesn’t have any skills. 

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How to find a Ukrainian model?

Ukraine a safe country for datingLots of western men dream of Ukrainian models. And it is no wonder while they are beautiful, skinny, slim, and successful.

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Ukrainian models are not so numerous in the world but still, they are quite popular. And those Ukrainian brides who are the part of the modeling world do not pay attention to simple men, they also look for some celebrities or rich businessmen who would only underline their social status.

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Ukrainian models online: A myth or reality?

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Conclusion: Not only Ukrainian models can become a good match for you

Ukraine dating appsNow you know that Ukrainian models are really popular in the west. They reach success not only because of their appearance but also thanks to their hard work and strong will.

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