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senior dating best-matchmaking.comBeing in your senior age is great because it gives multiple new opportunities. If you are a self-sufficient mature single who has everything but a true life partner in his life, check our senior dating advice and find out:

  • Why it is important to date at your golden age
  • The pros and cons of dating much younger women than yourself when you are at senior age
  • Where you can find a younger woman to date
  • What risks you bear when dating much younger women
  • How to make your dream of dating a younger woman come true

Why dating over 50 is important

senior dating tipsWhen you reach your golden age and become a senior, don’t think that your life is over. Dating at that age isn’t just possible but necessary. We all have some positive and negative experiences behind our backs but they don’t have to become obstacles to being happy.

You might have seen happy couples where a man who is older than his young crush is blooming. We bet you would love to do the same at the very same moment. What stops you then? Your age, past experience, lack of confidence, or…? We will reveal the truth right now — nothing can stop you and you can do it. Even if you believe senior dating is not for you, here are a couple of reasons for you to change your mind:

When you have a relationship, your emotional condition is changing. It causes the hormonal surge and, respectively, your physical strength grows as well. If you compare two people of the same age, one of which is dating someone and another one doesn’t, you will see a huge difference. People having a relationship look much younger, happier, and fitter.
Such people tend to be more adventurous and are ready for various changes in their lives. Such an inner condition might even result in new beginnings in your professional sphere. People who have no relationship when being seniors, just grow old and don’t self-develop.
You maintain your physical shape when having a relationship. First of all, it happens due to regular sexual life. When people have regular intimacy, their physical shape improves, their conditions are healthy, and their life is much more colorful. Thanks to the endorphins the level of which grows a lot, you will much better and younger than your peers. According to research , comparative health (i.e., relative to one’s peers) and driving ability were positively associated with dating, whereas disability was unrelated to dating.
You grow as a personality. When sitting at home at your golden age, you don’t do much. You just do your everyday routine and sometimes meet your friends or family. However, most likely, you don’t have a motivation for self-development. You are ok with what you have. When you have a younger lady though, you strive for becoming better. Your personality is developing and you grow also. You want to read, travel, learn new things, attend exhibitions, concerts, museums, etc. People want to progress and become better versions of themselves. When they are single, they don’t care much.

The pros and cons of dating much younger women for seniors

If you are a senior and are eager to date, you can easily afford to date a woman who is 10 or 15 years younger than you. There is a range of both advantages and disadvantages of such a relationship, so find out what they are.

The pros The cons
A younger lady doesn’t have her whimsical and is much more easy-going A much younger woman might be interested only in your money. Therefore, if you are not careful enough, you may easily get scammed or just face a gold-digger. For that reason, it is necessary to learn how to avoid scams. You will find this information later in that post.
She is still able to have children and this is one of the most important aspects for many men over 50, especially if you don’t have children yet You have to work hard on yourself constantly
Younger ladies usually don’t have their burdens like many older women. They don’t look in the past and are open to everything new  
A girl who is 10-15 years younger is still sexy and full of energy  
Such a girl can give you everything you need in bed  
You feel and look much younger when you are in a relationship with a much younger woman  

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Where to meet a younger woman for senior dating?

If you have ever tried to meet someone for dating, you could notice that younger girls aren’t very eager to date older men. If you try to approach your woman somewhere in the street or a public place, you are likely to be rejected. Thus, it is necessary to look for some alternatives.

Online dating sites can be good for that purpose. Don’t rush to register on one of them though because there are also many risks in such kind of dating. If you want to feel safe and find a good woman instead of being ripped off, you should follow our senior dating advice.

Opt for matchmaking instead of online dating

Online dating is full of pitfalls and without the proper experience, you can easily get trapped. If you are pursuing a younger woman, you will most likely come across a scammer. Therefore, you should opt for matchmaking services instead.

It will ensure:

  • 100% genuine matches;
  • Prevent you from scam;
  • Guarantee true meetings with real partners;
  • Protect your rights.

Always choose a video call instead of a letter exchange

No one says letters are useless or bad. It is good to see your woman on video at least once. First of all, it allows you to see whether your woman looks like in her profile photos. Secondly, you will never know if you like her if you never see her. Facial impressions, voice, manners, and even her look are important.

You might love someone’s letters but may not be attracted to how she is speaking, for example. Last but not least, in the world of scams, it is crucial to make sure that your crush really exists and is the one she pretends to be.

If you don’t want to become a victim of scammers, always opt for a video call and make sure you are not wasting your money on a ghost or someone hiding behind those beautiful profile photos.

Say yes to common sense, no – to hormones

senior dating tipsOf course, all women on dating sites are gorgeous. They have amazing profile photos, slim bodies, and very appealing faces, and even descriptions. You shouldn’t be caught by all this though. When you are a senior, you need to find a true soulmate and a partner.

It is very easy to be trapped when choosing your partner by appearance. No one says you should be dating someone you are not attracted to. However, this shouldn’t be your priority. Pay attention not only to beautiful young bodies but to her inner qualities as well.

If you don’t want to have a relationship with someone interested only in your money and don’t want to be disappointed with your senior dating, it is crucial not to lose your common sense. You should find someone who will take care of you and support you in any situation and not someone who would use you for her benefits and leave you when you cannot give her what she needs.

Never send money to unknown ladies

One of the worst things that might happen to you in online dating is a scam. The scam has multiple sides and those girls are quite creative. If you read her love letters, you should be concerned because, as a rule, women don’t believe in love via letters, only scammers talk about that.

Once she makes you think you are the one she needs, she will start acting. Your young lady might live in a poor country and earn not much, she has an old phone and no Internet to write to you as often as she would like to, she has an ill granny or she was robbed, etc. Scammers create many stories to make you feel sorry and help them financially.

You should never believe their stories. Especially if she wants to come to visit you and doesn’t have money for tickets. If you kindly offer to send this money to her, you will never see her. A really interested woman will send you a copy of her passport and ask you to book the tickets for her. The same concerns her passport - a normal lady will afford to make her foreign passport on her own.

When considering senior dating, you should be wise and realistic. Miracles don’t happen. If you want to date a younger woman, you should evaluate the situation soberly, weigh all the pros and cons, and make sure a woman needs and wants you and not something from you.

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How to start dating younger women when you are over 50

First of all, you should realize that dating younger women doesn’t mean dating someone 30 or 40 years younger. When it comes to senior dating, a 10-15 years gap is more than enough. However, you might not find even a lady at that age if you don’t do the following:

  • Believe in yourself and realize you are worth it, need it, and want it;
  • Look in the mirror and evaluate both your physical and mental condition realistically;
  • Realize that a younger woman must feel protected not only physically but also financially and mentally.

Dating and relationships are always hard work. You cannot find a younger woman only if you want it. Just your wish and confidence that you are still young and worthy of a younger girl isn’t enough. If you have nothing except for your strong desire, you should start working on your life and yourself right now.

Will a younger woman be happy with your look, physical shape, and body? Answer that question honestly. If the answer is no, it is not the end. Start improving yourself. Go to the gym, lose some weight, and visit your hairdresser.

Can you give enough wisdom and life experience to a woman? If yes, then it’s bingo because younger women appreciate and highly admire wise and mature men. Can you protect your woman financially and give her what she needs? If you want to have a beautiful and young lady by your side, realize that she also needs investment.

If you are sure that you can ensure all these three aspects and are ready to date a younger lady, then it’s time to change your life and start looking for her right now!

Now, over to you....Was current post useful?   Feel free to share your opinion on the subject I have described above and kindly leave your comment bellow.

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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