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Russian dating site Have you ever thought of using Russian dating site or dating Russian women? Then this post is definitely for you. Russian dating is quite different from what you ever imagine and quite often, western guys face a range of challenges when dating a Russian woman.

The following post will give you an idea of:

  • What Russian dating is like
  • The challenges of dating Russian women
  • Russian women stereotypes
  • Why you should choose a Russian dating site
  • In what cases you shouldn’t date a woman from Russia

What is Russian dating like?

Someone is dreaming of Russian women, someone is just cautious about them but no one is indifferent. Russian dating is old-fashioned and traditional and at the same time, hot and emotional. A Russian woman knows how to inspire, grab your attention, and keep intriguing you throughout her life.

Ladies from Russia are amazing, stunning, cute, beautiful, and…unpredictable. This is where challenges start. When having a Russian girlfriend, you shouldn’t be guided by her beauty only but be aware of all the peculiarities and problems that might arise.

Russian women stereotypes:

We all know hundreds of stereotypes about different nations, some of them are true while others are simply ridiculous. Russian women are also surrounded by different rumors and here is the truth about all of the stereotypes you might have heard about these beauties.



·       A Russian woman will undoubtedly marry you because you are a knight in the armor who wants to save her from her terrible life in her poor country.

·       Come on, guys, the times when life in Russia was terrible are long gone. How long ago have you been to that country? Oh, you have never been there? Then we recommend coming and seeing how people, and women, in particular, live there. The stereotype has nothing to do with the truth.

·       All Russian girls are gold-diggers or want to marry you to get a Green Card

·       Russian women cannot stand greedy men and that is true but it has nothing to do with gold-digging. Green Card? What about the statistics? — Just 10% of Russian women are ready to marry foreigners!

·       All Russian females wear high heels and miniskirts wherever they go.

·       These ladies are cuties but they are people who can wear jeans, sneakers, joggers, and everything that normal people usually wear.


Does the first column coincide with what you have imagined about females from Russia? Then we have some bad news for you — you will have to put really much effort to date a Russian woman.

Why You Should Not Even Think of Dating Russian Women

russian datingRussian dating is truly magnificent. It attracts males from all over the world. It is not as cool as you might think though. Dating a foreign lady is always a challenge and, depending on your expectations, a Russian woman might not be a good match for you.

Here are the top 7 reasons why you should never date a Russian woman

Reason 1. You are greedy

Generosity is the best quality Russian women appreciate in men. You might call it materialism or gold-digging but it, actually, is their culture. Men have never been cheapskates in that country. They are strong, confident, and responsible not only for them but also for their ladies and families.

A man is considered the main provider and bread-winner in Russia. That is not all yet. The dating culture in Russia supposes a man to be generous and do everything for his woman. The courting process is very beautiful in Russia and women are granted flowers, gifts, and men never complain about it or how much it all costs.

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Lots of western guys say that they will do all that after marriage but not in the process of getting to know each other. That is your biggest mistake because marriage will never happen in that case. Any Russian girl will just suppose you are too greedy to be her boyfriend.

Reason 2. You do not care how you look like

fdatingIf you don’t pay any attention to your looks, you should not even try to date these Slavic beauties. Have you noticed how much attention ladies from Russia pay to their appearances? Their beauty and femininity are captivating, aren’t they?

What can you offer in return? Messy hair, beer belly, and untidy clothes? Do you really believe this is what they are looking for? Not really. Any well-cared and beautiful woman wants to have a handsome and well-groomed man who cares about his clothes, shape, hairstyles.

If you don’t have a habit to freshen up at least before your dates, you simply have no chances with such a woman and waste your time. She is just a bird off your flight.




Reason 3. Her expectations are high

russian datingRussian women have really high expectations and they believe it’s better to be single than in relationships with a bad man. You will have to work hard all the time. If you cannot do anything at home like hammer a nail or change the water mixer, better learn how to do it.

She expects you to do such things at home or at least ensure a specialist to do it on time. As a man, you will have to do lots of things for your woman to show your care and attention. Surprising her from time to time is a must in her country, so better learn how to be romantic.

Did you forget about her mom’s birthday? Then better send one hundred roses to her mom once you found out about it.


Reason 4. You have no job

russian dating siteOne of the main reasons Russian women date and marry foreigners is financial security. Lots of these ladies have suffered in their marriages and relationships and worked hard while their men laid on the sofa watching soccer matches.

They want stability now and have to make sure you can give it. If you are a free artist, you hardly have a chance to marry a woman from Russia. Your potential bride must know for sure that when she leaves everything she had in her country, she will be protected and secured in yours.

A lady who moves to another continent for the sake of her man must be confident that this man will provide for her at the beginning and take care of everything. If she has doubts about it, do not even try because this will anyways lead to nothing.


Reason 5. Cultural differences

russian women & russian dating sitesDating a foreigner is great but it has always its downsides. Russian culture is way too different from yours and you need to be prepared for it. Do not expect all of her actions and words will meet your image of relationships and dating because it is not always so.

If you are not ready to face cultural challenges and language barriers, you should not date Russian women. No matter how much you want it and how great you consider it to be, if you do not want to overcome problems and want everything to be as you wish only, the outcome won’t be good.

Better do not start the process if you have no idea of how different her culture is from yours to avoid misunderstandings and disappointments in the future.


Reason 6. Lots of distance

russian datingApart from cultural and language barriers, there is another reason why you shouldn’t date a Russian woman — you are not prepared for long-distant relationships. Distance will always accompany your dating process until one of you finally moves to another country.

Long talks on the phone, video chats, and meetings once in a while are what you are going to face. While dating, you won’t have your girlfriend in your bed every morning because she will be far away.

Distance is a big challenge and not everyone is ready for it. Thus, before picking a girlfriend from Russia, weigh all the pros and cons and think well if you can handle it.

Reason 7. She is too independent

rossian womenLast but not least — no matter how often you hear that Russian women are silent and obedient housewives who stay at homes, cook, clean your house, and patiently wait for you to come back from work, this is not true.

Modern ladies in Russia are quite independent, educated, and hardworking. They have goals, strong will, and know what they want. Yes, they clean, cook, and take care of the household but this is not all that they do.

If you believed that unlike western girls, Russian ladies depend on their men and do everything not to lose him, forget about it. These beauties are very independent and they are not afraid to break the relationship up if they aren’t happy in it.



Why opt for a Russian dating site?

Now as you believe that you are ready to face and overcome all the above-mentioned challenges and still decide to look for Russian women, you should know how many perks Russian dating online offers:

  • First of all, you can choose a more or less free dating site such as Fdating, for example. It is not the best option but at least, it gives you an idea of what Russian women are looking for and how to communicate with them. Unlike Russiancupid, it is not expensive.
  • The most honest, reliable, and really interested women who want to marry foreign guys use Russian dating sites. Although there are no 100 percent free dating sites, you can always find the one that meets your expectations, needs, and wallet.
  • You get to know your woman before the real first date.
  • You have tons of parameters according to which you can select your matches.

Check a FREE gallery of single foreign women!

Russian dating can be tough but eventually, you will appreciate all the benefits it brings you. Do not start dating a Russian woman only because she is beautiful. Learn all the pros and cons and make a weighty decision to avoid disappointments in the future.

Now, over to you....Which strategy from today's guide do you want to try first? Are you willing to try any Russian dating site? Whatever it is, leave your comment bellow

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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