How to spot NEW Russian DATING SCAM patterns in 2021

Russian dating scam patternsYou might be eager to find out about new Russian dating scam patterns invented in 2021. Read this post and learn about:

  • Russian dating scam 2020
  • The Pros and Cons of pay-per-letter dating sites
  • Dating app scams
  • Dating apps VS Matchmaking

Russian dating scammers could be nominated for a Nobel Prize in creativity and ingenuity. They know no peace while working hard on new ways to rib you off. It is necessary to admit, they manage to do it well and the saddest thing is it is almost impossible to punish them.

You already know a lot about their sad stories and how they fish your hardly-earned money through just email correspondence. It is not all though; Russian dating scams are not limited to it and go further.

Today, you should not even spend a penny on a dating site while they manage to contact you directly by spotting your email. Yes, a Russian bride scam knows no boarders. You can get the first message from a scammer and start corresponding with her often.

russian dating scammers Some sites allow spotting your email and some contact information, so do not be surprised when getting those Russian scammer emails. Even without seeing you on camera, these girls will keep telling you how much they like you after a couple of emails. They can even mention their strong love.

After developing her strong and ethereal love, she will suddenly want to come and visit you in your country and, of course, she needs money for a visa, customs, insurance, tickets, etc. She won’t ask for a large amount at once. At first, she needs her foreign passport. Just keep in mind it costs around $20 in Ukraine or Russia and any woman can afford it without you.

If you really want her to come to your country, purchase tickets on your own for her after getting a copy of her passport. Russian dating scammers are never going to arrive in your country and by all means, avoid sending you their documents where you can see their real names, age, and picture.

The Pros and Cons of pay-per-letter sites



·       They are relatively not expensive

·       You never know who is writing to you

·       Convenient to use

·       They make you spend as much as possible on letters

·       Fast correspondence exchange

·       Most women have no idea someone is using their profiles to communicate with you


Using a pay-per-letter site is not forbidden. Not all of such sites are bad or scams. Many of them provide high-quality services. However, you cannot guess which of the sites offers profiles of real women and guarantees that you are communicating with them.

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    39 y.o, , Belarus

Paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for communication with a lady and finding out she is not the one you thought is very disappointing. Thus, you should be really careful and reasonable when picking a platform for communication.

Russian dating apps

Russian dating apps are a separate story. It is proved that nine of ten profiles in such dating apps are fake. It means that you never know who you are communicating with. Scamming through such apps is much easier than on dating sites because the members are never verified and bear no responsibility.

You cannot prosecute, punish those people, or sue them. It is impossible because they never make any crime and you do everything yourself. You send money not because someone is blackmailing you but because you want it.

The only recommendation, in that case, is not to be a fool. They cannot scam you if you don’t want it and have at least some common sense.

Dating apps VS Professional Matchmaking

Dating apps


·       Members are not verified

·       All candidates are manually selected and verified thoroughly

·       Free or at nominal cost

·       Quite expensive

·       Lots of scammers and fake profiles

·       Scammers are excluded, all profiles are real

·       Success rate is almost 0%

·       90-100% success rates


Russian dating scam has conquered the dating scene nowadays. Every year, Russian dating scam patterns reach new extents and widen their horizons. They are inventive, creative, and very good psychologists.

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The core feature of a scammer is to be able to manipulate you. To reach this, they gain your trust and hope for a pity pet. Be aware of their schemes and ask yourself why a beautiful and young woman would fall in love with you after a couple of letters.

Typical Russian dating scam patterns

Russian dating scamAs was mentioned above, dating scammers never have rest and invent new ways of trapping you every single day. However, their old schemes still work very well and thousands of men still get into that trap spending thousands of dollars for nothing.

We would love to remind you of the most popular Russian dating scam patterns and red flags you should pay attention to when meeting someone online:

  • Endless pay-per-letter correspondence. This is one of the best ways of getting your money. Avoid sending endless letters to a woman who refuses to have a video-call. It means that the lady in the pictures doesn’t even know you and has no idea someone is using her pictures to earn money. A woman you see in the pictures is not a scammer most likely but those who have stolen or use her photos are. You communicate to a ghost, so avoid endless pay-per-letter communication.
  • Online chats. On pay-per-letter sites, you can see a lot of women sending you invitations to chat online. Most likely, they want you to text. Some girls have their webcams on. Sometimes, those webcam streaming are pre-recorded and if you ask a lady for a particular action, she will not do it. For example, waving her right hand or wink, because these videos are recorded and you communicate with someone who is typing the texts and making you stay as long as possible. Sometimes, girls really sit and pose in such video chats. They do it mostly at night because it is rush hour for Americans. Do you really believe these girls are doing it for free? What serious lady looking for a husband will be sitting at night posing on a webcam? Yes, none. Those are scammers.

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  • Passport and visa. A woman you have never seen may insist on coming to your country for your first meeting. She needs to make a passport and visa. Never ever send money for that person if you have never met. She will never arrive in your country after getting your money.
  • A woman doesn’t have the internet, laptop, or smartphone. Quite often, scammers pretend not to exchange contacts because they cannot afford such gadgets. You, as a Good Samaritan want to help her and send money or a new laptop or smartphone. Keep in mind that absolutely all modern Ukrainian and Russian women have the internet at home and all the newest gadgets. If she says she doesn’t, she just wants your money.
  • Heartwarming stories. Anything can happen in our lives and anyone might have bad days. Scammers always create the saddest stories and you want to help subconsciously. Her car is broken, she was robbed, her neighbors flooded her, her grandma is ill, and so on. This is just for you to send her some money and solve her problem.

russian bride scamRemember that a scammer always manipulates. For example, “If you do not send me money for my visa, I won’t be able to come to you and we will not meet” or “If I don’t pay for my granny’s treatment, she won’t feel better and I cannot meet you because will be with her all the time”.

An unknown person has no right to manipulate you, so do not let her do it. Even if she is not a scammer, this is a very bad start to relationships.




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Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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