TOP Reasons Not to Marry a Ukrainian Woman

With the kind of beauty that women from European countries like Ukraine possess, it's hard to not think about them....

It is also said that these beautiful women have a lot of substance in them. But before you can leap into marriage with Ukrainian women, you should also consider the down sides of marrying them.

To help you with that so you can make a more informed decision, here is our guide to the TOP REASONS you should and should not marry Ukrainian women


The Top Five Reasons Not To Marry A Ukrainian Woman

1. Unsolicited Bias and Prejudice ✖ 

There is no doubt that Ukraine has gone through a difficult time recently. With the war raging in the country, many Ukrainians have wanted to flee the country but have been met with prejudices. This is especially true for the people in America. 

While we have seen the world uniting for Ukraine on the news, not all nations are welcoming them to take refuge in their country.

So before you decide on marrying a women from Ukraine, you should be ready to face biases from your friends and family in the United States. They might not be as welcoming of your new bride as they ought to be, owing to religious and cultural differences. 

The bias can become even stronger if you two have blatant differences like a wide age difference or if you decide to marry African-Ukrainian women despite being a white male yourself. 

This unwelcome bias and prejudice can also make things difficult for your new bride. 


2. Communication and Language Barriers ✖ 

Not having a smooth flow of communication can be detrimental for your marriage. Unfortunately, this can become a real cause of concern for you if you decide to marry women from Eastern Europe.

The language obstacles can make it difficult for you two to communicate, especially in the first few phases of your relationship. The misunderstandings because of communication issues can cause a rift between you two. 


3. Different Views on Home Chores ✖ 

Once you marry a Ukrainian, things will change. Usually while dating Ukrainian women tend to do the house chores by themselves. However, after marriage, she will expect you to split the work with her. 

This can take a toll on your relationship, especially if you are not used to or not inclined towards splitting household work with your partner. 


4. Time, Money and Effort is Required  ✖ 

If you plan on marrying a woman who is a Ukrainian national, you should be prepared to spend time, money and effort. This is especially true if you're looking to pursue a legal marriage with a woman who hails from Ukraine. You will have to get all the legal documents processed to get her nonimmigrant status changed. 

Moreover, Ukrainian women also expect that you share gifts with them. This can be an additional cost and a problem if you don't have money to spare. 


5. Different Family Traditions  ✖ 

Ukrainian women have drastically different family than the women in the west. In their family systems, parents play an important role. You will find that the mother and father of your bride are quite involved in your life. 

If they are permanent residents of Ukraine, you might have to visit the country frequently so your wife can stay in touch with them. This is also going to require a chunk of money, time and effort. 

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The Top Five Reasons You Should Marry A Ukrainian Woman

Yes, marrying a woman from Ukraine can be challenging but it also brings benefits. In fact, there is a reason why men from the West are so smitten with these women and want to make them their brides. 

Let's look at the top five reasons that tilt the scales in the favor of Ukrainian brides. 

1. They Are Beautiful ✔

There is no denying that the women from Ukraine are beautiful and attractive. They take care of how they look and are quite presentable. Usually, they have long hair that is well-groomed and also have an attractive figure because they eat clean. 

2. They Are Friendly ✔ 

Women from Ukraine grow on you pretty quickly owing to their friendly nature. They are also approachable so it is not going to be hard for you to break the ice.

They also learn to support their families and be self-sufficient at a young age, making them capable and sociable girls. The girls understand the importance of being strong and resilient in order to adapt to life in Ukraine, where things are difficult economically and politically.

These girls act spontaneously but are still humble. Even though they are stunningly gorgeous, they remain pleasant, down-to-earth, and approachable. 

Moreover, they do not evaluate individuals based on their appearance, and instead focus on their inner traits.

3. They Want A Family ✔ 

A typical Ukrainian woman desires children and a nice family life. These girls are also passionate about raising healthy children. They also strongly believe in raising girls to be women and boys to be men. This means they will not spoil their sons in the way that some women in other nations do!

4. They Crave Love and Commitment ✔ 

A typical Ukrainian woman desires to fall in love with an honest man above anything else in her life. This is what these girls mean when they talk about "creating a family" in their personal advertising. 

In addition, if a woman cannot find love in her community, she is considered a failure. This typically indicates that a Ukrainian woman might still be single in her late twenties and available for commitment. 

5. They Are Harmonious ✔ 

One of the best parts about marrying a woman from Ukraine is that they are harmonious and love to live in peace with everyone. They focus only on the inner qualities of individuals and respect everyone around them. 

Pulling it Together

When it comes to marriage, Ukrainian women have a lot to offer. They are beautiful, friendly, family-oriented, and crave love and commitment. Plus, they are harmonious and respect everyone around them. 

All of these qualities make Ukrainian women desirable brides for men from the West. However, marrying a woman from Ukraine also brings its own challenges such as having to battle language and communication barriers. You will also be required to invest time, money and effort into the marriage. 

But at the end of the day, the final decision depends upon your own personal choice. 

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Now, over to you....Was current post useful? Wonder if you should or should not marry Ukrainian woman? Feel free to share your opinion on the subject I have described above and kindly leave your comment bellow.

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency


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