Dating for men over 50

dating over 50Are you in your fifties but it seems like you can save the world? If you have so much energy, it means that you might find a person to love and to be loved by her. Dating over 50 is possible and might be one of the greatest times in your life because you are already mature enough and know what you want and who you are. In this article you will get to know:

  • 5 red flags a man should look for dating over 50 with a lady.
  • 9 dating tips to use when dating over 50 with her.
  • The way we can help you to find the one and only.
  • The main dos and don’ts when starting a conversation with a woman.

Red flags for men to look for while dating over 50:


She is too focused on your financial information. If she asks lots of questions related to your financial statement from the very first dates. isn’t it weird?  think of  why is she really here? It is also worth to check about her financial background because if its really bad then may be she is simply looking for a sponsor? 


She does not listen to you. If she is not interested in you as a person and asks the same questions twice or thrice, it might indicate that she is either not interested in you at all or her memory is weak. You might offer some vitamins to her or let her go.


She is always busy at work or with her children. If it is so, you are not her Mr. Right, then, because she puts you in the last place of her priorities. Probably, she would better marry her work instead of telling you lies that she is too busy. If she treated you with respect and liked you, she would be able to find extra time for you to meet up. 


She introduces you to others as “my friend”. If she does not say that you are her boyfriend but just a friend of hers, do not even waste your time with her and find someone else because she will never change. It is possible to say that she just uses you the way she likes.


She dislikes the way you touch her. when you feel that she does not like when you touch her hand or shoulder if you do, it is a red flag for you to stop moving on with her. You would rather find another lady who is into you more. 

Dating tips for men over 50:


Ask your friends to recommend you someone. Your friends might know you very well, even better than you know yourself. If they know some woman who might potentially be your woman and even wife, they would be happy to double date with you. Just tell them that you are tired of being alone and ask for help. 


Use matchmaking service. This is one of the best ways to find your charming lady fast. These professionals know very well how to do their job and find the ideal partner for you. Also, they have a psychologist to help you make conclusions and analyze your previous relationships, and date with her for you to succeed next time. 


Date in-person with your charming lady. Some dating sites offer you the possibility to date a woman online. You might do it at the initial steps of your relationships like a month or so, but not longer. You should switch to traditional dating over 50 to test the chemistry between you and your partner because it is essential in every serious relationship. 


Set an age range. Being in your fifties sometimes makes you want to date someone who is much younger than you are. For instance, you might begin to text women in their twenties or thirties but, unfortunately, these women are not ready to settle down. You would better message a woman who is ten years younger but not more to have a harmonious life with each other. 


Be confident. Congratulations because you are in such a period of life when you feel already established and intelligent. You are already wise enough and know how to love and make a woman happy. By the way, you are aware of how to be a great father in your fifties. So you should be confident and love yourself. Embrace your age and accept yourself for who you currently are. Girls like confident men, but being arrogant would scare them, however.


Show your marital status. If you are divorced, you should not hide this fact to build trust with your partner. You must be honest about it and tell directly whether you had relationships in the past or you did not. She will not judge you for that because she would understand that you grew from your ex relationships and are a better person now. 


Never give your financial information to her. You might like her and feel that she can be your best friend, but you should never inform her about your financial data. You would better do it only when you marry her. 


Give her a present. All women like presents. If you give her something that she likes, it would be a plus for you. You should not only give her big bouquets of flowers or a box of sweets. It might be something small but she will notice your attention.  


Be a gentleman. Being polite, friendly, diplomatic are all parts of a gentleman. You might let her enter the room first, give her your jacket when it is cold outside, and so on. Show her that you can take care of her. 


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How to start a conversation with a woman if you eventually decided for a new dating adventure?




Say “hello”, but add an open-end question there. Make her be willing to answer your question, so your question must suppose answering more than just “Yes” or “No”. 

Never try to ask other people to give you her number. Always do it personally because it is rather weird and suspicious for her to receive a message from a stranger. 

Make sure you have the motivation to write to her, not just approach her out of the blue. So mention something which is both relevant and timely.  

You should never talk about yourself because she might think that you are self-centered and be unwilling to communicate with you. 

Use emojis and smiley faces. You should sound friendly and interested in her opinion. Make sure every message from you contains a smiley face or emoji. 

Never stop having a conversation with her. Keep going but do not overdo it with too many smiley faces or emojis. Just keep the balance and she is yours!

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Bringing it all together...

           If you follow the recommendations mentioned above, you are guaranteed to find your perfect match fast. Note that your attitude is very important. For instance, if you believe in yourself and are confident enough, you will find your charming lady faster. It works if you prove to her that you can take responsibility both of you .

However, you should impress her children if she has as well because their opinion might influence her final decision about you. That’s part of Slavic people's mentality.


Now, over to you....Was current post useful? Do you think you are ready to try over-50s-dating?  What ever it is  feel free to leave your comment bellow.

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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