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  Dating a skinny girl: a trend or necessity?

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Beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder. Different people prefer different facial types and body shapes. Someone likes curvy ladies while other guys adore hot skinny women.

No matter to what type of guys you belong read until the very end and find out:

  • What is it like to be skinny?
  • Can skinny woman get pregnant and deliver a baby?
  • Why men love skinny women?
  • What it is like to have a skinny girlfriend?
  • Do skinny guys like curvy girls and vice versa
  • Does her figure matter for dating and relationships at all, and many other interesting facts

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The University of New Mexico conducted a survey and found out that nearly 40% of men who participated in that survey consider body shapes and parameters to be extremely important for their attraction. 20% of the same guys went further and acknowledged that they would never consider a partner who is at least a little bit overweight.

If you are a too skinny girl or boy, you may not like such a position. Multiple Body Positive Movements prove that many people strive to be accepted with all their benefits and drawbacks. However, the reality says we are all different and have different preferences. Of course, body shapes can hardly affect the success and harmony of a relationship. Why do people still strive for certain body types so much?

Keep reading this post on petite women dating and find out everything you might be interested to know.

Why guys like skinny girls?

Since you keep reading this, you belong to those “i love skinny women” guys who cannot imagine dating anyone but a lady with a very thin and tiny figure. However, why are those skinny girls so attractive to lots of guys and you, personally? Why cannot you consider a lady with curves, for example?

Well, our experts have investigated the “skinny girl” topic and have some conclusions to share with you right now. Are you ready to learn why slim girls attract you more than anyone else on Earth? Then we are here to answer these crucial questions right now!


skinny woman by best-matchmakingToo many guys would answer the question of “Why i love skinny girls” exactly like this. Body aesthetics are guilty! In their opinion, skinny females look more aesthetic than curvy girls. That’s it, everything is so easy. Tastes are different and for many other guys, curvy ladies are more attractive still. For skinny ladies lovers, this is just a matter of aesthetics in their eyes.

Those girls look harmonious to them. Of course, anorexic models are not trendy anymore and we live in times of body-positive movements and equality. People reject skinny models’ stereotypes and strive to be accepted for who they are. Designers still keep getting inspired by skinny girls with 90-60-90 parameters and make them a sort of icons.

No matter how much we want to accept people with all their shortcomings and curves, if we go back to literature or music, we will realize that poets, musicians, clip makers, designers, and all other people we admire write odes to tender, light, and graceful hot thin girls.


Aesthetics are not all yet. It is not a secret that many guys boast about their girlfriends. They compete with one another and having a skinny girl with a tender body is something that makes them be proud of their girlfriends.

If your girl is too curvy compared to other really skinny girls, you will hardly feel convenient. Everyone wants their girlfriends to look hot on the beach in their bikinis. When other guys gaze at your very skinny girl, you are proud.

You want those guys to envy you who have a thin girlfriend compared to their thick girls. And it is very easy to get this reaction when having a skinny girl.

Health and fertility...

Beautiful bodies are rarely the gifts of destiny. In most cases, they are the results of hard work and good health. Sometimes, maybe some genes. However, a really thin girl is associated with excellent health and a healthy lifestyle.

Overweight girls often have different diseases. Obesity is not healthy and everyone is aware of that. It is not a secret that women with extra weight and obesity often have low fertility. Even if they want it, they cannot give birth to babies. Doctors often recommend losing weight before trying to get pregnant.

Therefore, your pretty skinny girl will most likely be much healthier and fertile than her curvy peer. Keep in mind, we are talking about a fit skinny girl here. Girls who are too skinny might have not fewer health issues than overweight ladies. We do not want to admire anorexic babes at all. They must be supervised and treated.

We hope you understand well that we are talking about women with nice figures, who take care of what they eat and how they live. For that reason only, those cute thin girls look so good.


Can you often see a fat guy dating skinny girl? We do not think so. Most likely, such girls do not pay attention to guys who look so-so or bad. They are beautiful, slim, slender, and want to date men who look the same.

You admire body aesthetics, so do those thin fit girls. You would hardly wonder how to look fat for a skinny girl. Most likely, you wonder how to bring yourself into order to attract a skinny girlfriend and make her want sex with you.

Having such a slender lady by your side motivates you to be in better shape, work out at least from time to time, and strive to look better and more attractive. A skinny girls body is a great motivation and call to action for any man regardless of his body type. This is exactly why men like skinny women.

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How to date skinny hot girls and what it is like...?

skinny girls by best-matchmakingIf you want to target a skinny girl, you should first understand what it is like dating a fit girl compared to dating a thick girl. Well, everything depends on your attitude to this. If you are a fan of skinny dating, then you are just proud and motivated to have such a girlfriend.

However, some skinny guys prefer dating bigger girls. In this case, their skinny girl vs curvy girl will make them pretty miserable. When you date someone you do not really like or prefer, you are not happy, naturally.

What should you know about dating girls with skinny bodies? Is there anything specific you should be aware of or some tips that may help you in your relationship with a thin girl? Find out this and much more right now!

The don’ts of dating skinny girls only.....

  1. Do not follow stereotypes

People are often biased when it comes to someone who looks different. Curvier people will always be unhappy with your skinny and thin girl. There are plenty of stereotypes in this society and people will never be happy no matter how you or your date looks.

When someone tells you that your cute skinny girl is starving, simply do not pay attention. Having a thin body does not mean someone is starving on purpose. It may only mean that she eats healthy and is fond of sports.

Do not be sad when hearing such things and avoid explaining to everyone that “i like skinny girls” and why. Do not waste your time, nerves, and energy. If you think skinny girls are the best, this is your opinion, so follow it.

  1. Never admit she is too skinny

A very skinny lady may not be like that on purpose. This could be her nature, genetics, the peculiarities of her body constitution, etc. You may not know it but some people work hard to gain some weight just like others struggle with losing this weight. Yes, for skinny girls it may be a true issue.

When dating a skinny girl, avoid telling her about being too thin or too skinny. She may know it but cannot solve this issue. When dating not only slim girls but women of any body type, avoid commenting on her body and appearance, in general.

She knows very well how to be pretty and skinny, so leave your comments and just enjoy the process. Even if your skinny girlfriend asks whether she is too thin, all you should reply is i love skinny girls!

  1. Compliment on her looks and personality

When your girlfriend has a skinny body, do not focus on her appearance when complimenting her. Does she have any other advantages and good sides apart from being just a pretty skinny girl? We bet, you date her not because your girl is thin.

Once again, avoid talking only about her body and appearance. Do not say “i like skinny girls” all the time. Otherwise, she might think something is wrong with her or you like her only because of her body. Compliment on her good qualities, character traits, personality, etc.

  1. Protect your skinny woman


When dating a really skinny girl, you can feel like a true gentleman. You are a leader, a protector, a defender for your girlfriend. You can notice that these ladies are very fragile outside. They make men want to be men. Dating a petite lady is something very special.

You want to take care of her, not let anyone offend your skinny girl. Skinny girls vs fit girls often evoke the wish to protect them while fit ladies just seem to be too independent and strong. Show your girlfriend that you really care about her and want to defend her. Be a gentleman after all.

  1. Pick places for your dates carefully

Most skinny females work hard to get their beautiful and hot figures. They attend the gym at least three times a week and work out to look attractive and slender for you. You should pick the dating locations very carefully.

Before asking a cute skinny girl out, you should wonder what her eating preferences are. She may not eat the dough and prefer healthy food only. If you invite her to meet in a pizzeria, she might be even offended.

Therefore, take into account her body type, nutrition, and lifestyle. Your thin girl may not be excited to eat a bunch of popcorn in the cinema if she takes care of how she looks. Keep that in mind, please.

Do girls like skinny guys?

This is rather a rhetorical question since as was mentioned above, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Of course, most women prefer fit guys. When you are too skinny, you seem to be weaker. However, there are also girls who love bigger guys and even a bit overweight.

Everything depends on the girl you meet. Of course, if you are a skinny guy, you may not be worried because a lot of women would like your body type. People are different, they have different preferences, and likes. That’s why we all have a chance to meet our matches in this world.

A relationship with skinny woman: all the pros and cons...

Liking slender girls and dating girls with such body types are different things. Are there any benefits you expect to get from dating a skinny girl? Before you ever answer this question, you should know what science says.

Skinny women have much more energy than other girls. They have a much faster metabolism. If your thin girl is also very fit and leads a healthy lifestyle, she will have even a faster metabolism thanks to constant activities. If your lifestyle is not that active, you may simply not catch up with your girlfriend.

They are productive, they ride bikes, prefer jogging, hiking, doing fitness and sports. If you used to watch TV on the weekends and just lay on the couch, then think well whether you can afford a skinny girl. By the way, if such girls who are skinny do not attract you much, you may not be happy in a relationship.

Physical affection is essential for men and you cannot be truly happy if your partner does not attract you physically first. For women, everything is different. They are attracted to men who show a good attitude towards them. They start liking you on a physical level only when they like your personality.

What problems you may face in skinny dating

Do not think that once you have met your skinny girl, your life resembles a fairy tale and you feel like dating a fancy model. A relationship with thin girls can be full of problems as well as any other relationship.

However, there are certain things to take into account when dating girls that are too skinny and here, we are going to tell you about them.

The lack of confidence

Unfortunately, lots of skinny girls have issues with their self-confidence. Like many other people, they are often not happy with their appearances. Insecurity is their constant problem.  Petite girls are often concerned about being short and too petite. Even if you date a model who participates in beauty contests, you can notice that they have the same issues.

Yes, even the most beautiful women (as well as men) in this world, may struggle with their self-confidence. It might be related to their childhood traumas. Maybe they were too skinny in school and their peers laughed at them. Therefore, if your girlfriend has the same issues, do not be surprised and make her feel comfortable.


No, do not worry, your skinny girlfriend will hardly be jealous. Most likely, your girl will attract a lot of men staring at her. This is normal when you date a beautiful, fit, and skinny lady. You will not have to cause any hysterics due to this.

Being proud of your girlfriend to be admired by many other guys is absolutely normal and it is even honorable. Just put up with your jealousy while dating skinny girls. Enjoy the process and trust your woman. This is all you can do in this case.

Skinny dating requires investment

Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that skinny girls are high maintenance. They won’t be too demanding or require your money. The only thing you should realize is that when your skinny girl leads a healthy lifestyle, you cannot take her to fast-food cafes. Considering good restaurants with top-quality food is a must before starting a relationship.

Moreover, when you are in a relationship, you definitely pay for your girlfriend and buy her some gifts. Keep in mind that fit skinny girls always attend expensive salons, go for massages, etc. Their gyms and personal training cost money. When picking such a girlfriend, you should be ready to face the issue of high expenses.


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