little BIG lies all women tell men.....

lies all women tell men Nobody is perfect, right?
Even if your girlfriend seems to be an angel, you might probably have noticed her telling lies to you.
However, some of such lies might be either big or little.
It is possible to classify all the little BIG lies all women tell men, so we decided to mention typical ones.

Ꙭ  Let’s review dumb things guys believe Ꙭ 

 ⬇ Bellow is a list of the top  lies girls tell guys


Little BIG lies that all women tell men:

She covers her mouth. It might be not always a mouth, but it possibly is a nose, head, abdomen, and neck. This is a sign of body language proving to you that she is lying. She covers these parts of the body because she feels vulnerable and afraid that she might be exposed. Never trust a lady if she touches these parts of her body.

She says that she has been only with a few guys. For men, it is a time to boast if they answer this question in front of the male audience. However, if it comes to women, they tend to hide the reality and tell little big lies. Therefore, if she says that she has been with two guys only, you would better multiply this number three times. The women behave this way probably because it is normal in the community for men to have a lot of relationships while girls are supposed to keep themselves for the one man only. It sounds unfair, isn’t it? It seems like women are discriminated at this point, therefore, they tend to tell lies to guys not to sound too frivolous. 

She might say that a specific man is only her friend. However, you should treat her words suspiciously and translate them as she has been with that guy and it did not work with him. Note that you should not hate that guy and expect him to do something bad to you because in 99% that their relationships like a man and woman have stopped. Feel free to date her now and do not expect her to betray you with this man from her past. 


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She does not care how much money you earn. This is probably one of the biggest dumb things guys believe. No normal woman would begin serious relationships with a guy who does not have a job and cannot pay for her in the restaurant. Perhaps, it is because she has an instinct to be with a potential breadwinner to be able to take care of both her and your little babies. So you should never believe a lie that she does not mind if you cannot pay for her or do not work. If she says things like that, she might not be serious about you and you are only be left in her friendzone. 


She says that she does not care about the way you look or whether you are groomed or not. Never believe in such things because every normal lady would rather choose to be with a person who is dressed up nicely and shaved when he comes to the date. Such lies that she does not care about the way you look or say that a man should be a bit more handsome than a monkey are total lies. If she treats you seriously, she might want to introduce you to her family and friends. Of course, she would expect you to create the right positive impression on them. Being groomed and well-dressed is a must for every man who wants to create healthy relationships and family. 


She repeats herself. Typical liars hate the awkward silence. They tend to provide you with specific details about a particular situation. By doing that, they might repeat themselves because they want both to convince you and themselves in their lies. Therefore, when she says the same phrase but several times, you would rather watch out because she is 100% deceiving you.  

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She says that she does not care if she gets a ring from you or not. This is one of the top lies girls tell guys because all women want to marry and give birth to kids. If she swears to you that she does not mind if you are engaged or not, you should never believe her. Every girl dreams since her childhood to wear a beautiful white dress and say “Yes” at the altar. She might probably treat you just as a friend if she claims it is okay if you will not marry or live in a civil union.


She says she will not tell anyone. In this case, you should expect her to tell this to, at least, two of her best friends, her mother, or other family members. It is difficult for all girls to keep the information secret because they are more emotional if compared to men. Therefore, you would better not tell them some secret data at all if you want to keep confidentiality. There is nothing wrong with your girlfriend because it is the way females are designed.  


She tells you that her phone is about to switch off. This is one of the oldest lies all women usually tell. It is 99% that she does not want to communicate or keep on dating you. If she says things like that, she might want to stop your relationships or she probably has found someone else. This is a typical method for all ladies to behave if they do not want to hurt your feelings. Well, at least, she cares about your feelings...However, if she is responding this way often, you would better break up with her and find another woman.


If she says: “Have mercy! No, please! Yes! Right there! Oh my God!”, it is for sure that she wants to eat some pizza or watch her favorite TV series like “Friends” and so on. Do not expect too much from her if she keeps on saying such illogical things.  

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Her body language and the words she says do not match. If a person telling you the truth, her body language will correspond to her gestures. However, if you feel that her body language is telling you something different that contradicts to her gestures, you would rather be alert because she is lying. For instance, if she says you a sad story about her ex, but her gestures are exciting and animated, she might not be telling you the truth. If you want to know how to pick up girls that are not lying, you would better click here


Her eye movement changes. Typically, the eyes are the “windows of the soul”. Therefore, you might know whether she is lying to you if she changes her patterns. If she looks down, she might be lying to you. Also, if her eyes are looking at the door, it means that she is looking for a place to escape because she is afraid to be caught. If you see there is something wrong with the way she looks at you, she might try to deceive you.  


She gets aggressive. If she is aggressive when she talks to you, this is a red flag telling you that she lies. If she does not blink with her eyes and try to maintain eye contact with you, she might try to hide the fact that she is lying and wants to mask her real opinion. If she is beautiful, she might be lying too, so do not be deceived. However, you might check out the countries where women are both beautiful and always tell the truth here.  


She is a fidget. Often, when a woman lies, she might be moving her parts of the body. For instance, she might tap with her feet, play with her hair, pull on her ears, and so on. By doing that, she expresses her nervous energy and tries to hide the fact that she lies. Most liars are very vulnerable and pretend to be calm, but their gestures say the opposite thing. 

top  lies girls tell guys Every man wants his girlfriend to be honest and sincere with him. However, most ladies try to behave like a good girl, therefore, they say lies from time to time. They do it unintentionally and without a desire to hurt you. On the contrary, they want to be smart and say the words that will not hurt you. 

A Word from Very Well...

           No matter how deep is your love and how much you are attracted by each other, you are not granted not to make any mistakes as well as your partner. Treat your match as a human being and ignore such little big lies that all girls tell guys. Be wise and love your girlfriend for who she is and accept her with all her little drawbacks. This is a secret of success in every healthy relationship.   

Now, over to you....Was current post useful? Have you ever became a victim of dishonest women? Or May be you are able to provide even more useful tips for our readers?  Feel free to share it and kindly leave your comment bellow.

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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