[2021 TIPS ] on How to Start a Conversation With a Girl Naturally

how to start a conversationAre you shy and do not know how and what to simply start a conversation with a girl about?
⬇ In a current post you will learn ⬇

  • Topics to consider talking with her.
  • How to start a conversation with a girl in person?
  • The way to start a conversation with a girl online.
  • How to start a conversation with her over text?
  • The cases when it would be better not to text her. 
  • The possible signs telling that she likes you and wants to move on. 

Breaking the ice might be much easier if you use the recommendations from the expert on how to do it correctly. With our guide, you will get to know how to start a conversation with a girl easily, no matter whether it is a live conversation or an online one.

Let's begin from the  main TIPS on how to start a conversation with a girl ⬇ 



Try to talk about yourself as little as possible because most people do not want to speak about someone else.


This is the best way to start a conversation with a girl since most ladies like to talk about themselves. 

The things around you and her

This is one of the safest topics to start a conversation with a girl. For instance, you might talk about the food, drinks, environment, location, weather, and so on. 


Starting a conversation with a girl in person....

If you are close to another person, starting a conversation with her might be easier because you are in the same environment. Check out the following ways to start a conversation with examples of how to do it practically.


Methods to start a conversation 

Examples of how to do it practically

Utilize your senses. Consider the things you hear, feel, taste, touch if you are close to her to find a common language with her. 

  • Do you like today’s weather?
  • Isn’t the music at the club too loud?
  • The food is a bit unsalted, do you agree?
  • The movie is rather boring, isn’t it?

Consider something positive about your experience. It would be better to start a conversation with a girl saying something positive and personal to her. 

  • Have you ever visited a restaurant that serves similar food?
  • Do you like this movie too?
  • Have you heard this band before?
  • Do you like the thunderstorms like this one?
  • How did you know the host of the party?

Formulate a question. However, you would better start a conversation with an opening line, and follow it with a question for her to answer. 

  • I like this California roll very much! What is the best place for sushi in this town?
  • Emma’s place is great. How did you get to know her?
  • Do you really like the movie? Why? 

Prepare more questions. Listen to her and ask more questions to follow her up and show that you are interested in her answers. 

  • Do you really think so?
  • Why do you believe in that?
  • How can it be?

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Starting a conversation with a girl online..

Despite the fact, the context is very little if compared to the conversation in person, but still there are some ways for you to choose to have a successful conversation. 


Ways to start a conversation:

Examples of how to practically do it:

Notice the things she has shared with you. Look at the things she posted online. Talk about the things that are specific for both of you and you want to have a conversation about them. 

  • What is your cat’s name? 
  • Do you like the movie you have seen?
  • This mem is very cute. Do you really think this way about it?
  • Do you like to volunteer?

Create the connection by asking the proper question. Do not just ask “Yes” or “No” questions, but try to ask questions that are not easy to answer.  

  • I saw that you volunteered in the charity program for the poor? What are other projects that you participated in?
  • Have you seen the Soul cartoon? I saw it too. Why is it better than other cartoons about the sense of life?
  • I like your handmade pen? What is it made of? 

Make sure the conversation is going smoothly. You might pay compliments to her. However, keep in mind that you would better highlight other, not just appearance-connected things. For example, you might notice some of her traits of character. 

  • You are very kind. I saw you participated in a project for the needy.
  • You are so smart! I like the way you elaborate your ideas online. 

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Now...how to start a conversation with a girl over text?


Ways to start a conversation with a girl:

Examples of how to do it right:

Get her phone number. It would be better to ask her to give you her phone number because it might be suspicious to communicate with someone whom you do not know. However, respect her boundaries if she refuses to give you her phone number, and do not try to get it from someone else. 

  • I will message you the photo or the link. But wait, I still do not have your phone number. Will you give it to me?

Say “Hi” plus some questions because just saying “Hi” is not enough. You need to ask her some questions also. Ask clarifying questions to keep the conversation going. 

  • Hi! How you are doing?
  • Hi! Are you okay?
  • Hi! Do you like to study? What is your favorite subject?

Say something relevant and timely. Make her understand your motivation behind your interest. For instance, you might talk about things that affect you both or you are both interested in. 

  • Are you going to a dance tonight? Would you like to come there with me?
  • Can you believe Mrs. Jones screamed at a student at the English class today?

Speak about her interests. Ask her about her favorite band, movie, or TV show if you know she likes it. 

  • What songs by Billie Eilish will you recommend me to listen to?
  • What is the best episode of “Friends”? Will you tell me?

Utilize smiley faces and emojis. Using smiley faces might be flirty and fun. Send her a smiley face for her to notice. 

  • Have you seen the latest version of Wonder Woman? I think it is great:)
  • You looked just awesome in that dress;)

Keep the conversation going! 

  • Please tell me more about this actor.
  • Will you share with me the details of why you like this movie so much?

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When you should not text her...



If she is not interested, you would better avoid texting her. You are wasting your time if she does not want to talk to you. You would better stop texting her if she directly says “stop it” to you. 


Do not text her if you have something necessary to say. For instance, you should never break up with her, ask her out, offer advice on some problem, or doubt about something. It would be always to talk about it in reality but not in the text form.


Be savvy about the things you text. As long as the messages might be screenshot, you would better avoid texting her too intimate things in case her telephone would be in bad hands. For instance, you should never send her nude images of you or her. Do not send her discussions of illegal activities or requests because they might be considered to be admissible in court. Avoid texting the way you feel about your boss, teacher, or mother if it is a negative one.  


What are the signs that she likes you?

girl and relationsipIf you want first to get to know whether she likes you, you would better check out the following things. If she leans towards you, looks directly into your eyes, reacts positively to your touch, smiles a lot, and the atmosphere is great as well as the chemistry between you, feel free to send a message to her. If she does not touch her hair, mouth, or nose while you are talking, it means that she is telling you the truth. Contact her as soon as you want because she is 99% yours.

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Now, over to you....Was current post useful? Are you too shy to approach women? Or May be you were able to overcome those barriers.. Whatever it is  - feel free to share it and kindly leave your comments bellow.

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency Best-Matchmaking.com.

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