How to ask a girl out? [TIPS 2020]

How to ask a girl outGreetings, our dear readers and customers!

We from best-matchmaking have noticed that it is a trouble for lots of you to ask a girl out. It’s no wonder while when it comes to talking to someone we really like, we feel embarrassed. No worries, having trouble with it is absolutely normal and, fortunately, we are here to help you.

You should know that you are not alone in that challenge and lots of guys have the same experience. Below, we will tell you how to ask a girl out without embarrassment. You will find the most proven tips that helped lots of men already. ➔

How to ask a girl out and to hear Yes!!!

How to ask a girl out and to hear Yes!!!Do you have a crush on someone? We congratulate you while this is wonderful but now it’s time to act. Before you start doing something, you should realize:

  • Your age doesn’t matter;
  • There are many options of how to ask the girl out;
  • Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try;
  • No matter how everything ends up, you should give it a try!
  • You will never know her answer if you never ask her out.

But you have no idea how to proceed and asking her out is a challenge for you? Start with reading our simple tips:

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So, there is nothing to be afraid of. If you never ask her out just because you are afraid of failure, you might miss a good girl.

Realize that simply sitting and waiting is a failing strategy. You should not also hope that a woman will ask you out. Girls prefer confident guys and men of action. We will teach you how to act right now!

How to ask a girl out on a date in person?

How to ask a girl out on a date in personAsking a girl out on a date in person is probably even more difficult than doing it over text.  Here are some tips that will help you do it without feeling too much embarrassment:

  • Plan what you will be saying in advance. Quite often, when we open our mouth, we have no idea what to tell. This is a very inconvenient situation. To avoid this, make sure to prepare what you are going to say so she would realize you’re asking her out not as just a friend but romantically:
  • Hey, I have two tickets for a rock concert net week, would you like to go with me?
  • I want to invite you for coffee on Friday, what’s your favorite coffee-shop?
  • Ask her out when she is alone.
    It’s not a good idea to ask her out if she is with her friends or family. In that case, she might be embarrassed and won’t reply openly. If you are shy yourself, the situation will be really bizarre and you won’t be able to say what you want. Pick the time to talk one-on-one.

How to ask a girl out over text?

How to ask a girl out over textModern people communicate more through texting and social media, so this way would be even more convenient for you if you are a shy person. Asking someone out texting is perfect in case you are too embarrassed to talk to a girl you like face-to-face. It opens lots of opportunities for you, but you should also keep in mind a couple of things:

  • Be very clear about your intentions so she would not misunderstand you;
  • Before sending a message, pick a proper activity to do;
  • Ask her out in advance if the chosen activity requires time to purchase tickets or other reservations;
  • Make sure your text to be short and precise, do not send any lengthy letters:
  • Hey Jenny, I think you are pretty, would you like to go for dinner with me or watch a movie?
  • Respond quickly even if she refused; by no means go aggressive.
  • You should know that rejection is not pleasant but it is experience as well. If you got rejected, accept it and realize that at least, you know her answer instead of wondering what if..?
  • Girls love good-looking men
  • Girls love good-looking men
  • Be confident even if you are too shy
  • Be confident even if you are too shy
  • If she agrees, make your first-date plans – one day head or a bit earlier, send her another text letting her know you are waiting for this date.

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    How to ask someone out – [Most proven tips from experts]

    Above, you got some clear examples of how to ask a girl out in person or over text. But telling the right words or writing a proper text is not enough. If you want to really impress a woman, you should consider other factors, too.

    If your crush doesn’t know about your sympathy yet and doesn’t even suspect you like her, you should put all the efforts to make a really good impression on her. Regardless of how you are going to ask a girl out – in person, in social media, or over text, you should be confident enough and she has to feel it.

    Here are some tips that will help you ask a girl out and even more – they will help you make a great impression on your crush. Check them out and do not hesitate to use them and share your experience in comments ➔

    1. Girls love good-looking men

    How to ask someone outThe truth is women love men who look good. Please realize that looking good is not about being handsome. Your face doesn’t really matter, either your appearance. But women want to see your effort.

    You should at least try to look better than as if you just woke up. As a man, you should also devote some time to you and your appearance. Bring your hairstyle, smell, and clothes to order. Do everything you need to do to look good.

    No one is born handsome or pretty, this requires hard work. And even the most naturally beautiful people can lose their beauty when not taking care of themselves. So being in shape and well-groomed may do miracles! Create an unforgettable first impression with your look, and then she may not even pay attention to what and how you say it.

    2. Be confident even if you are too shy

    tips on asking a girl out-best-matchmaking-tipsThe truth is if you want to hear Yes, you need to look confident even if you are not. Fake your confidence if you do not have it yet. Once the girl sees you are messy, she will make a decision without hearing what you are going to say.

    When you are asking the girl out, avoid the following:

    • Looking not into her eyes (always make an eye-contact, avoid looking at the floor or ceiling);
    • Stooping or slumping your shoulders;
    • Moving your hands too much while talking;

    Instead of all that, try to do the following:

    • Establish eye-contact always;
    • Be cheerful and smile;
    • Be sincere when talking to her;
    • Respect the girl’s personal space (do not come too close when talking to her).

    According to Amy Cuddy – a Harvard psychologist - the best way to establish self-confidence is to fake it till you get it. Fake confidence will help you establish natural confidence in some time while your body and mind reinforce the feeling of being confident. 

    3. Be stylish – it does matter!

    tips on asking a girl out-best-matchmaking-tipsIf you think how you are dressed up doesn’t matter and doesn’t affect her decision, you are very wrong. What you wear does matter! We do not mean that you need to purchase the most expensive clothes from designers.

    But as we mentioned above already, you should look good and your clothes are an important part of your look. Yes, we know that she should appreciate and accept your invitation because of your rich inner world. But don’t forget that you are going to ask a girl out.

    She is not your girlfriend yet, so your task is to grab her attention and impress her as much as you can. It will be hard to do it in your old untidy clothing. It should contain no strains and be ironed well.  Your clothes should also fit you well. 

    4. Pick the proper day and time

    how to ask a girl out on a dateLooking your best and being confident is great but it is not enough. It’s crucial to consider when and how to ask someone out. You should think about how and when you should do it. For example:

    • Asking her out while being in the grocery store on a busy weekend morning is a bad idea. Your crush will hardly reply Yes in that situation;
    • Avoid asking her out when she is not alone, it will make you both embarrassed;
    • Respect her time as well – ask her out a couple of days ahead, not a couple of hours ahead;
    • If you meet each other often (let’s say, at work), you can ask her right there but not at the moment when she or you are too busy; pick a good moment for that – coffee break, for example;
    • Avoid asking her out if she is obviously in a bad mood. If you see your girl doesn’t have a good mood today, better pick another time. You might face rejection or even some aggression if you asked her at a bad time.

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    Conclusion: Asking a girl out is not as difficult as you may think!


how to ask a girl out on a dateSo, guys, we hope these simple steps and proven tips from experts will help you ask your crush easily without any embarrassment. These tips are easy but really helpful and proven. Use them and build your relationship successfully.

And remember that we from best-matchmaking take care of your search and if you are too shy, our matchmaking packages include professional support and coaching during your entire search. We also take care of your meetings with ladies during your Romantic tour and make you both feel less embarrassed.

Now Please let us know your experience of asking a girl out. Are you successful to ask out any lady you like or you feel shy and need some proven tips to learn? What ever it is - leave your comment  ⬇bellow⬇

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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