Gold Digger Meaning

gold digger meaningHopefully you have never met a gold digger in your life but still many of us wondering what does gold digger mean & especially how to avoid those evil people. We decided to make it  clear by providing useful tips on this subject.  So.... In a current article you will find out:

➢What is  gold digger meaning?
➢ How to classify gold digger definition ?
What to do if you are dating gold digger?
➢Other PRO tips on how to protect yourself from a gold digger learn in a current article....
➢How not to get burned dealing with a gold digger... and much more... keep learning

Gold Digger Meaning

Gold Digger Meaning from best-matchmaking The term ‘gold digger’ originates from the gold digging hobby (or profession) but was originally derived from a more contemporary meaning — the gold digging game of chance. The term ‘gold digging’ means to win money or other riches through illegal, dishonest or unethical means. The ‘digging’ part of the ‘gold digger’ term refers to the illegal digging of underground tunnels to locate gold in the earth, while the ‘digger’ part describes a person who wins money through the unlawful activities mentioned above. The term came to mean that all women who won wealth through these unethical activities were considered gold diggers.

Gold Digger is a woman who seeks to seduce wealthy men or those with big money.

The term “gold digger” comes from the profession or hobby of gold-digging. However, previously, it originated from the gold-digging game of chance. So, what is gold digger? The gold digger meaning is to win money (and not only money but they could be other benefits) by using dishonest or illegal methods. As you can understand, those methods won’t be ethical.
You can imagine that Gold digger meaning is associated with creating illegal tunnels underground and location gold in the earth. A digger, actually, is someone who wins money (or gets them) through illegal activities.

What does gold digger mean nowadays? In the modern world, we used to call gold diggers people (not only women, by the way) who get money or other riches using unethical or illegal ways. Modern gold diggers seduce men to earn money.

Please do not confuse gold-digging and prostitution. The latter are honest and get money for their “job” although it is not always legal or even ethical. Gold diggers, in turn, use different tricks to get what they want. By the way, a gold digger will not necessarily seduce you or have sexual relationships with you.

Very often, modern gold diggers do not even have to sleep with their “victims” to get their money or really expensive or luxury gifts. A true gold digger will pretend to be truly interested in you and even promise you a long-lasting relationship. She will have you by the short hairs.

We used to think that only women may be gold diggers nowadays but this is not really true. There are a lot of people, both men and women, who can be gold diggers and trick others to have their benefits. Gold digging is very popular among modern African men who try to seduce older women on the Internet and pretend to love them. Such ladies often send their money to such guys in the hope they will come to have a true relationship and save them from loneliness. This never happens though since it is just a scam.


So… to be more specific, let us provide for you couple of samples or red flags to show  what does gold digger mean


➢A woman who has many lovers and is not faithful to any of them, she also as an affairs  with a married man)
➢ Gold diggers can look glamorous and may act like models or celebrities. Tey may tend to have expensive stuffs but just to impress the others and YOU mainly!
➢If someone you are dating is constantly trying to borrow money or asking you to buy expensive gifts for no reason, they may be a gold digger.
All described above applies for men too!


Gold Digger Meaning best-matchmaking agencyYou may have heard women saying things like “she’s a man eater” “she’s the one who can’t say no” and more. Those things are very sexist. A man eaters is a woman who can’t say no to sex and has to have a man to get sex. That sounds very selfish and also quite dangerous. If a woman is being selfish and gets the wrong person in bed for sex, that woman can even make a man do things he doesn’t want to do. That sounds quite dangerous.

This type of gold digger woman often manipulates men and also makes him feel worthless and inferior. When a woman gets this attitude from a man, she will make him think that he should be doing something to her, while she just gets to sit back and watch.

Also all the gold diggers are highly egoistic. If you deal with a woman gold digger –she feels that she is better than the other women, she has better looks, better clothes and better lifestyle. If a man wants to get her and doesn’t treat her well, she will make it hard for him to be near her and to get her attention.

If you can, try to meet the person for a coffee to judge their character on first meeting. If the person seems more interested in spending time with you than making money, or at least spending your money more than you want, then they are most likely a gold digger.

That woman is using him and will never give her the affection and attention that a woman really needs. So, if you feel that you might be  dating a gold digger-  Feel Free to ask for our advice. Our agency  removes all the hassles of modern dating, so you can just focus on finally meeting women who meets your criteria of choice. Find out how it works here...

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As said before, a guy who gets into a relationship with a woman like this one will regret it. A woman who is a “woman-eating” digger.

An old man, who is really old and rich, loves to give young girls money, jewelry, and expensive gifts. He is looking for a “digger” or a young woman who will take care of him.

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Now, why is it easy for evil woman to be a gold digger?

Simple…. Because men hardly think with their brain…)
Men’s nature is hunting for sex first of all while women’s nature is to hut for family creation.

So experienced gold diggers know very well about men’s weakness and successfully use it for their own purpose.

That’s why nowadays there are so much scam in DATING industry.

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 Now some attention to gold digger definition :

A woman who lives off a man's money. She is usually pretty, has great tits, is beautiful, and is always telling a man what a wonderful lover he is. Sometimes she is a cougar. The word means something a little different in different parts of the country. In Canada, it means an older woman who uses her body to get a man. In the United States, it means a girl who is looking for a rich man. In Australia, the word means a young woman who is looking for a job and a man to take care of her. They use the word digger when they use something else. If someone is a “digger”, he is going to get a job that he can work in. 

If you are dating gold  digger then how to protect yourself?

In short, don't give your money away for free, even if you "know" someone's a gold digger. You'll get burned when you do, and you'll get burned when you don't. If someone really wants your money, it's going to be expensive. If they don't, it's going to be free.

When dating gold diggers, do not respond to their provocations. Such women (and men as well) often blame you for being insensitive and not willing to help with their issues. Those people often have some issues and it does not mean even they are true. Give money only when you want it and not when someone requires you or tries to hope for a pity pet.

In some cases, it is better to put up with the situation. Let’s say, you are an old wealthy man who is looking for a young and sexy woman. You cannot hope she is interested in your personality, can you? In this case, you both give each other what you want and deserve.

Do not lose your common sense. If you know your crush is a gold digger, do not hurry to propose and give her half of your assets. If you really decide to get married to this person (falling in love with a beautiful lady is easy, we can understand that), sign a prenup, otherwise, you risk being ripped off in a couple of years. It usually happens even sooner than you expect.

Let your gold digger know that she needs you and not vice versa. When you are dating a true gold digger, it is easy to be manipulated. Do not allow it. Your gold digger must know that she needs you more than air because only you can meet her needs and requirements. You do not really need her that much.
Do not give your date the details of your accounts and credit cards. You can simply be robbed because gold diggers rarely fall in love. Most likely, she will abuse your kindness and cause a lot of problems for you. Financial losses are not what you need, remember that. Protect your accounts and credit cards.
Break up. After all, you are a wealthy and worthy man who can find a decent lady. There are tons of beautiful, young, and smart ladies who are not gold diggers.

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Now, over to you....Was current post useful? Were you successful to find your match already or have you happen to meet real gold digger?  Feel free to share your opinion on the subject I have described above and kindly leave your comment bellow.

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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