Dating Tajikistan women: The Pros and Cons

Tajik womenGreetings, gentlemen!

Have you ever heard of such a country as Tajikistan? Have you ever wondered what kind of women live there?

If you haven’t then you should while these women are absolutely different from Slavic ladies you used to hear so much about. But they are also very popular brides among western men and in this post, you will find out why.

Tajikistan brides are not well-known to western men and thus, we would like to let you know as much as possible about that country and women there.

We will tell you everything about magic Tajikistan dating and why it may be beneficial for you to choose one of the Tajikistan women.

Let’s start an exciting trip to Asian dating! 

Who are Tajikistan brides?

Tajikistan is officially called the Republic of Tajikistan or Tojikiston as local people call it. The country is situated in the very heart of Central Asia. So when we speak about Tajikistan women, you should realize they are not those Slavic women you used to imagine, they are purely Asian women from the post-soviet republic. Moreover, the country is bordered by Kyrgyzstan in the north, China in the east, Afghanistan in the south, and Uzbekistan on the west/northwest. 

So as you can see, all the neighboring countries are also Asian and these girls are surrounded by Asian culture and laws. Women in Tajikistan are currently a mixture of different ethnicities. They are strongly tied to Iranians and their language is similar to Persian. Also, women in Tajikistan are mostly Muslim, apart from those who are not ethnic Tajiks. 

Tajikistan girls get married very young

Tajik women for datingYes, women in that country get married really at their young age. According to statistics, 12% of girls in Tajikistan get married before the age of 18 years. And this is not a fairy tale and not the situation that was in the country decades ago, this is a reality. Such a “child” marriage is driven by gender inequality. 

It is believed that women are inferior to boys and men. Moreover, the reasons for such an early marriage are also poverty and lack of education. Very often, when there is a girl in the family, she is a certain “burden” for her parents and they try to make her marry the soonest, those marriages are often polygamous.

Also, early marriage is considered a way of preventing the pre-marital sexual life of children and teenagers. They do want to prevent immoral behavior of teenage girls and try to arrange their wedding at that age. 

Tajikistan brides in villages are less educated 

The level of education in the country is not the best one. Of course, women in big cities, and especially in the country called Dushanbe, have a good education and even career. But those from far villages still prefer getting married when being teens and spend their whole life as the second or the third wife of their man. Such behavior and customs are the lack of education among girls.

Very often, in such villages, young girls are dropped out of school. The economic situation in the country is too bad for poor families to give a good education to their daughters. So unlike Russian or Ukrainian women who want to get the best education and build a good career no matter what, girls in Tajikistan prefer getting married very young and spend all their life in marriage without even graduating from school.

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Tajikistan women are very religious

As you know already, women in Tajikistan are Muslim in most cases, unless they are Russian or women of other ethnicities living in the country. And these ladies cherish religion very much and follow all the oldest religious traditions.

There are even religious schools in the country where the girls are sent from early childhood. During their studies, they are prepared for marriage and future adult life.

There is such a notion as Nikoh marriage – a marriage that is not recognized legally by the state, but in the oldest and most traditional families, its value is much higher than that of civil marriage registration.

But don’t worry; this happens only in one of the oldest country communities and in most cases, modern Tajik women are open for meeting foreigners even online. And a huge female/male imbalance in the country played its role in it, too. 

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3 no-nos for Tajikistan girls

Being a Tajik girl is considered very proud while lots of people think they are the most hard-working, obedient, loyal, and the strongest Eastern women. But being a Tajik girl is very difficult at the same time, while she is responsible for the whole family. They cook very tasty food; they dress everyone and never complain even if they need to do some men chores. 

They are raised by their strict mothers according to the oldest traditions. They often take care of the family while their men are working abroad illegally. So they know how to be patient and wait, even if it takes tons of time. But here are 3 things that any Tajik girl is forbidden to do!

Brows mean a Tajikistan girl is not taken yet

This is probably one of the weirdest restrictions for Tajikistan women – Tajikistan girls are not allowed to pluck the brows before they get married. No matter what age she will do that, even if she is going to create her family at 30, she cannot do that with her brows. It may sound weird but there are some good reasons for that.

First of all, plucked brows are the sign of married women, and potential grooms evaluate a Tajik girl not only by her manners but also by her brows. And such “virgin” brows will tell them directly that this lady is available.

However, there is another side of that ban – 99% of women in the country are Muslim and believe that God’s creation should not alter her appearance. It is allowed to take care of their brows but necessary to make sure their shape is not going to be changed.

Tajikistan girls don’t go for dates

best dating sitesTajikistan girls are not allowed to date men before marriage. So if your goal is one of their local girls, you can forget about romantic dates with candles, cinema, or walks in the rain. Needless to say about kisses and touches. Now you may think how do Tajikistan girls create their families? 

Well, very easy, they are not forbidden to fall in love and choose their spouse. But it is important for Tajik men that their future bride is pure. Both her body and soul has to belong to one man only, her future husband, so she has to wait for him. All Tajikistan girls in traditional families are brought up this way.

So you can imagine what kind of women are in Tajikistan, they are one of the most obedient, devoted, and purest ladies on Earth. When choosing such a wife, you can be sure she will be loyal to you till the end of her life.

The age of 30 is critical

For their mothers, there is no biggest problem than a daughter who is an old maid. Once the daughter is 18 or even younger, the parents start preparing her for marriage. Who knows, tomorrow a groom may come and propose to her. This is also possible, by the way. 

They pray for their daughter not to be stubborn and picky. They don’t want their daughter to have big plans for the future. While when she is too career-oriented, she may not get married until she is 30. And this is the biggest fear of all Tajikistan parents. 

Tajiks believe that time is gold and if you lose it, you will not manage to get it back. And marriage is like time, you cannot lose your chance. They believe that a girl has more chances to get married before she turns 30. Of course, in modern Tajikistan society, not all girls follow these rules but still try to stick to them. 

How to meet those Tajik mail order brides

Of course, it is much better to come to Tajikistan as a simple traveller while we from Best-Matchmaking think they will not be so glad to meet western guys in their country. However, you can meet some Tajikistan girls looking for their happiness online, as well. Those are more modern girls with alternative points of view. If you want to have such a devoted and pure lady, maybe you should try and search for one for yourself.

However, if your goal is a Slavic mail order bride with more experience and modern views on life, you can browse our gallery and search for Ukrainian or Russian women who are more modern but not less devoted and loyal to their husbands. Since Tajik girls are not allowed to have a date with you before marriage, you’d better take a romantic & marriage tour and meet your Ukrainian or Russian bride. 

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No matter where you choose, you will find your one and only eventually

Ukraine dating appsWomen from Tajikistan can make perfect wives and wonderful traditional mothers to your children. They are devoted and loyal, very patient, and beautiful, too, by the way.

But if your goal is a lady with a richer personality and life goals, we recommend choosing one of the Ukrainian, Russian or Belarussian brides. On our site, you can have a video chat before meeting her in person, while we believe it is better to see once than writing thousands of letters.

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It will surely help you choose your one and only no matter in what part of the world she lives!

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