Dating blonde single women: Everything you should know

Lithuanian women for marriageHello guys!

We have always wondered why so many of you want to date and marry exactly a blond lady. Why are blonds so popular among men? Is there anything special about their fair hair?

So today, we decided to devote our post to these pretty blond girls and find out everything about blondes from different countries.

You will learn about some popular stereotypes concerning blondes and whether they are true or not. Also, we want you to know some peculiarities of blondes in various countries. Is it really easier to date blondes than brunettes? And why are they considered to be as smart as dark- or red-haired haired girls? 

This article might be the most exciting and interesting for you so make yourself comfortable and keep reading till the end. Your conception of dating blondes can be now totally transformed.

Why are pretty blonde girls so popular?

Lithuanian women for marriageWhen applying to us for help in your search, very few of you admit that they would prefer dating a brunette. And the vast majority of single men clearly want to find a blonde girl no matter where she is from.

We are not surprised with that at all while we have a very large experience in online dating and matchmaking and have learned the tastes of our customers very well. 

We are more surprised when some of you state they by no means want a blonde girl. Yes, that happens too. So blonde women are definitely more popular among males and this is a fact that doesn’t even need to be proved. But why are they prettier or sexier? We don’t think so while raven-haired brunettes are very sexy too, so let’s apply to facts.

Dating blonde single women: Some interesting statistics

The whole world seems to worship blondes. You may be surprised but even Ukrainian and Russian women often dream in the childhood to have a tall blond blue-eyed husband, a sort of a prince charming. Nearly every doll is platinum haired, did you notice that? More than half of all models are also blonde. Even 65% of Miss Universes are blonde!

As a rule, the movies heroines are usually blondes and the villainesses are brunettes. Snow White seems to be the only exception of that blonde-supremacy rule! But in fact, blonde hair color is just considered by men more “feminine”. And if a lady is blonde, she can relax while 80% of the work is done for her. No matter how she looks, she is already beautiful for society because she has blonde hair.  

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Blonde women stereotypes

The first most popular blonde was probably Marilyn Monroe. Exactly this actress and model made blonde hair popular. She made every man want blondes and every woman to die her hair blonde. Marilyn Monroe was definitely very sexy and had an image of such a “silly” and “light” girl. But are blonds really silly?

In fact, this is just a myth and stereotype. Scientists believe that fair hair is associated with wittiness and intelligence. It is connected with ancient times when old people with gray hair who survived all the life's difficulties were highly valued. For the same reason, women having fair hair were also desired by men on the instinctive level. 

And blondes were using their advantages even in ancient times. They could afford to choose a father for their children thoroughly and be pickier. Thus, offended men started to spread rumors about the silliness of blonde women, it was easier for them to tell this instead of accepting their failure. 

Legally blonde

We bet everyone knows that American comedy movie called Legally Blonde where a silly typical blonde goes to law school and finds out there is much more than just her appearance. The stereotype of silly blondes is clear; it is often depicted in the movies and lots of jokes are told about it. But as you can see, it is nothing more than a rumor of men who were offended by beautiful blondes to reject them.

By the way, British scientists affirm that despite the well-known stereotypes, blonde women are much more confident and stronger than ladies with dark and red hair color. So forget all the blonde stereotypes and let’s take a look at blondes from different countries of the world. What is so special about them?

Ukraine blondes are wise and smart

Ukrainian women for marriageYou may be surprised but having blonde hair is not typical for Ukrainian women, as well as for Russian women. We mean now that natural blonde hair is very rare in these countries.

Yes, you can find lots of blonde women in Ukraine but most of them don’t have that hair color naturally. Being a blonde is a trend so most women simply dye their hair. 

So we do not think hair color affect their brain, intelligence, knowledge, or skills. Lots of women in Ukraine wear blonde hair in all its wonderful variations.

And lots of them have Master’s Degree or PhD, are leading experts in different fields, successful politicians, and business women. It is not about their hair color but about their traits.

As you know, lots of women in Ukraine are very smart and can be very interesting interlocutors, and many of them are blondes. Do you still doubt about blondes being intelligent? 

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Russian blondes are hot

Most beautiful Russian womenRussian women are really amazing and every western man knows that already. You can meet blonde girls in Russia not less frequently as in Ukraine.

But Russian women tend to have lighter skin and hair naturally than Ukrainian women. Still, many of them dye their hair to become a pure blondie. 

However, these Slavic women don’t need to look amazing to be popular among men even. Mother Nature has done everything already. Their natural charm won’t leave any man indifferent. And if you look for a wife who can be beautiful even without make-up, welcome to Russia. 

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But if you prefer natural blond hair, you should look for a Lithuanian or Latvian woman. These Baltic beauties tend to have natural blonde hair. So if you ever come to Lithuania or Latvia, you will find yourself in the real Kingdom of Blondes.

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Polish blondes are natural

Polish dating tipsAs to Polish women, there is a stereotype that most of them have fair hair and blue eyes. It is partially true. There are really many blonde women in Poland. Light people are a vast majority in that country. However, you will also meet lots of women with a different appearance here. 

Yes, there are definitely lots of natural blondes in Poland. And they are very western-like, speak English and are very open to meeting foreign guys. But their family and personal traits are different from those of Slavic women. They tend to behave more like western women. 

Previously, Polish women were the ones in Europe who married at the youngest age. Now this tendency is being almost lost. They become more career-oriented and are not willing to have families at a younger age. So if you look for a blonde haired girl with Slavic family values, you should choose Russian, Ukrainian, or Latvian women. 

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Why are so many blondes single?

Lots of you ask us why there are so many single beautiful Slavic brides on our site. Aren’t they popular in their country or are they too picky? Both statements are wrong. Beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women are single because they didn’t find luck in their country with local men. And you are single for the same reason probably. 

Lots of women have had bad personal life experience and just want to run away from it and start a new life. Others simply are more ambitious than men in their country and want to reach some more goals than they can offer. Lots of ladies on our site also want to move abroad to have a better career and life conditions, so western husband is a great way for them to do it. 

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  • Alina

    27 y.o, Vein, Austria

Conclusion: It’s not about hair color

Ukrainian First Date TipsWe hope that the stereotypes about blonde women are not dispelled and you realize that it is not their hair color that makes them beautiful, smart, or serious. It is their inner world.

Now as you want to see of the blondes in the role of your future wife, we hope that you will have a look at our gallery of beautiful Ukrainian, Russian, and Latvian women. Don’t hesitate to talk to them in our video chat with foreign girls.

It will help you get to know them better. Also, we invite you to come and meet them in person the soonest, so our Romantic / Marriage tour to Ukraine will be very helpful for that. And if you want to know more about Russian or Ukrainian women, don’t hesitate to ask Kate and get a free consultation. Kate is your matchmaker, practicing psychologist, and dating blogger. 

On best-matchmaking, you will definitely find a dating membership plan or even a Slavic matchmaking package exactly for you! We wish you to meet your blonde woman the soonest!

Ukrainian matchmakingWritten by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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