Life and Dating after divorce [ TIPS 2021]

dating after divorceIf you want to try dating after divorce, you should follow just few principles.

We do know how to help you find your one and only, even after divorce. Divorce is not the most frightening thing that might happen in your life. With the help of our pieces of advice, you will get to know how to win the heart of the most extravagant lady.
This article will help you find the answers to these questions:

  • What are the 14 tips on how to date after a divorce?
  • How to begin dating after a divorce?
  • How we might help you find a friend or partner?
  • Does the first relationship after divorce last?
  • What are the 3 main mistakes when dating after divorce?

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Divorce Is considered to be number two among the most stressful events in one’s life, going after the death of the child or spouse, and followed by a health issue and being imprisoned. After a divorce you might be really puzzled, not knowing what the real meaning of love is. However, it does not mean that you cannot be happy. The psychologists say that life and love after divorce might even of better quality because you know all the dos and donts in marriage. 

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What are the 14 tips on how to date after a divorce?

Chemistry is not all you need. Indeed, chemistry is essential but it is not everything you should be looking for in a new relationship. You might know from your past experience with a woman that sex is not the most important part of life in any couple. In other words, you should be able to find a common language with each other and be good friends. Only then, once you make sure your partner is your best friend, you would better step further to have more dedicated relationships and marry one more time. 


Make sure you do not think about your ex anymore and are open to a new romance. Before you start a new relationship with someone, you would better ensure your ex is in your past and you do not compare her to your new charming lady. Your ex should be left in your past, so empty your heart for a new romance. Practically, it might mean that you should remove all the photos and presents from your ex from your house. It does not mean you should abandon your children. No, only the images and gifts of your ex-partner. 


How to begin dating after a divorce?

Slow down on the first date. It might be very tempting to begin to live a sexual life with your new partner that likes you and whom you like. However, you would better slow down in order not to make too stupid mistakes and connect your life with the wrong person by mistake. There is nothing wrong with sex but it is wrong to jump to bed with the first person you meet after your ex. Take some time to figure out whether your new partner is worth it and only then make up your mind whether to move with her and marry her. Do not just use your new partner to get rid of the pain and have fun.


Watch out if she seems to be too good to be true. There are no people who are perfect on earth. At least, we do not know such examples. If she looks too ideal, it means that she probably is pretending to be someone else. All people have their pluses and minuses, so if your new girlfriend performs a part of the princess from a fairytale, you would better watch out and google her. Perhaps, you will find a lot of interesting information about her to check out and confirm during your first or following date. 


Does the first relationship after divorce last?

Visualize your relationships. Practically, it might mean that you should map out the whole journey with your potential partner. Start it with a few dates with her, follow it with a few months or even years of traditional dating. Do you want to finish the road of your life with her? Do you want to have more kids from her? Would you like to age together with her and meet your final years of life with your charming lady? Do not rush to answer these questions but be honest with both you and her.  


Make sure she is your type. Dating after divorce does not mean you should forget and ignore your tastes. You have a chance to find a person who will match all the criteria from your list, if only, you had this list. Therefore, take your time to create a list of features of your ideal partner. Include there every single detail about her, starting from the color of her eyes to her ability to be a good listener and friend. You might even include her occupation if you are looking for someone special and it is important for you. 

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Find a good therapist before you start dating after divorce. Your soul might be wounded by your previous partner, her criticism, and obscene words. To make sure you are not hurt you would better find a proper psychotherapist or psychologist to get rid of some things you used to have and re-conceptualize some concepts. Practically, it means that you should change your attitude to the things from your past and let your ex go. 


Never give her your bank account data. If a new girlfriend you find is too interested in your financial information, even more than in you, you would rather be alert and hide this data from her. You are not supposed to tell her your pin code or credit card number just because you date her. 


Do not hide the fact that you have children. Sooner or later she will get to know that you have kids, so why should you hide this part of your life from her? If you are afraid that she will not understand you or accept them, stay away from such a lady because she will never love you for who you are and accept you together with your past. 


Inform your kids that you are dating. Your children deserve to know the truth about your private life as well as you deserve to be happy with a person who loves you and whom you love. However, you might introduce your new fiancee to them only when you are about to get married. You should do it not to break their hearts when she suddenly decides to leave you. 


Mind the age gap. No matter what other people say, you would better take her and your age into consideration. She might not want to date you if she is in her twenties and you are in your forties just because she is not ready to settle down. However, you might begin to look for a charming lady who is the same age as you are to understand each other better. Ideally, she would rather be as divorced as you are. 


Listen. Listening might give you more pluses in her list of features of an ideal husband. Also, if you learn to be attentive to detail while listening, you will get to know many interesting facts about her. So do not close your ears when she is talking to you and prepare a list of specific questions you want to hear the answer to. 


How we might help you find a friend or partner?

Use the help of the best dating sites. Not all dating websites and apps are the same and equal. Therefore, you would rather choose the best one. For instance, we recommend you use our professional matchmaking program to find your beloved one fast and for the rest of your life. 


Trust your gut. Your instincts are not to be neglected for all men dating after divorce. If you feel like you are a step away from the mistake you did in your past relationships, you would better trust your gut and stop dating the specific lady, no matter how beautiful she might be. 

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How to start dating after a divorce?

           One of the main life after divorce tips is to begin to love and respect yourself. It means that you should refresh the faith that you can find the beloved one and be happy with her for the rest of your life. Yes, you can! No matter what your ex said to you and which of the dirty words she used, you should not trust her but change your attitude to you. For instance, you might honor yourself with sweet nothings like a bar of chocolate or other sweets when you think you deserve to be praised for. Respect, love, and believe in yourself and you will find her because all women like confident men. 

How we can help you find a friend or partner?

           If you understand that it's no easy to find the woman of your dreams, you should not panic. We are always there to find you a perfect match. All you need is to register on our marriage site and use our program. Thousands of happy couples were created with the help of our specialists. You might create a family very fast and for the rest of your life with the most stunning charming lady.

Does the first relationship after divorce last?

           Sometimes it lasts, sometimes it does not because  all depends on you and the state of your soul. If all the wounds in your soul get healed and you feel ready to date with another woman, feel free to do it. However, if it still hurts if someone reminds you about her, you would better take some time to make sure you are healed completely. 

          What are the 3 main mistakes when dating after divorce?

Mistake 1

You think negatively about your ex. Stop these negative thoughts right now because, still, it is your experience and you, for sure, learned many lessons from your past not to make errors one more time. 

Mistake 2

You are too self-absorbed with your own issues. All women hate when a man is talking about himself only. For them, it is a red flag telling her that you will never be able to solve her problems because you have not solved your own issues yet. 

Mistake 3

You are discussing your financial woes. Of course, you should pay lawyer fees, support, or buy a new home. However, you would better stop complaining to your new woman about your problems about it. 

Now, over to you....Was current post useful? Do you consider start dating after divorce again? What ever it is  feel free to leave your comment bellow.

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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