Best Ways To Meet Girls In Minsk

Meet Girls In MinskHello gentlemen!

We have almost forgotten about the most beautiful women on Earth, about the girls from Belarus! So it’s time to recall them again, while they are extremely popular in the west. We have some Belarus girls on our site, so we hope this post will be helpful for you. 

Belarussian women may not be of such a great popularity among western men as Russian or Ukrainian women but they are still worth getting to know them. Previously, we told you lots of things about women from Belarus but we have never mentioned what are the best ways to meet them. 

So today, we decided to improve that situation and reveal you all the truth about dating Minsk girls. Why Minsk? Because the capital of Belarus is the most popular destination for western men. Ready to find out everything about dating the girls in Minsk?

Then make yourself comfortable and keep reading till the very end! :)

Dating Minsk girls: All you should know

Dating Belarussian womenWe bet you have heard about Minsk if you have ever watched the “Friends” sitcom. Remember how Phoebe Buffay’s boyfriend was transferred to do some isolated science experiment in a dark, cold former Soviet Union city?

Yes, that was Minsk. But please don’t worry, American tv shows often depict Belarus not as it is in reality.

Nowadays, Minsk is a very beautiful city, very modern and full of beautiful girls. There is some difference between Belarussian women and Ukrainian and Russian women. But you can find out more about it in our previous articles. Why is it better to meet girls exactly from Minsk? 

The reason is very simple – here you can meet more English-speaking and open-minded ladies. We bet that you are searching for such kind of ladies. So, let’s try to find out how exactly you can meet girls in Minsk.

Nightclubs and Bars in Minsk as a great way to meet local girls

Lots of guys say that night is the best time to pick up a girl in Minsk. First of all, nightlife in Minsk is very rich and lots of young people and girls especially, attend such places to have rest and have fun. If you ever come to Minsk with friends, or even better if you have friends in Minsk, then a night club or bar is really a great place to meet a local girl.

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But now let’s turn on our logic. What is your goal? Do you dream to come to Minsk from overseas to have a one-night stand or just a good love adventure? Isn’t that adventure too expensive then? We from Best-Matchmaking don’t really think that you can meet a real girlfriend or a future wife this way. 

If your goal is to entertain and have fun, then go ahead! But be careful, while a nightclub in a foreign country is not the best place for a single foreigner. You risk being scammed!

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What if you meet Minsk girls during the day?

Dating Minsk girlsThis variant might be the case. Foreign travelers are a common thing for Minsk so they will not be surprised if you just come to the city and start walking in the streets, taking pictures, and…talking to their beautiful ladies in the streets.

Since lots of people in Minsk speak pretty good English, you may meet lots of interesting interlocutors and even personal guides who will gladly show you the city.

Once again there is a question – can you meet your future wife or at least a girlfriend this way? Possibly but highly improbable. The truth is women in Minsk as anywhere else, are a bit cautious about foreign guys who start talking to them right there in the streets, cafes, or art galleries. They simply have no idea of what your intentions are.

However, lots of our customers easily made acquaintances with Ukrainian women like that, in the coffee houses or during their trips on a train or bus. But nothing special, they just had a nice conversation. 

So what is the best place to meet a single woman in Minsk?

You already know that you can easily come to Belarus and go to one of the Minsk night clubs and meet a girl there. Or you can try and meet her during the day by starting a friendly conversation right in the street or at one of the local events. But we hardly believe it will end with success while talking to a foreigner is one thing and thinking of dating him is another thing.

We have thought of a couple of alternative ways of meeting a good girl in Minsk, so let’s try to understand if one of them could be appropriate for you. Meeting a Slavic woman may only seem to be that easy while nowadays, all Slavic brides are more independent and already can be pretty picky in the search of their boyfriends and especially husbands. How to meet them then?

A dating app could be an option, but…

Ukraine dating appsWe all are living in an era of incredible development of technologies and online opportunities. People work online, talk online, and spend tons of their time on their smartphones and tablets.

So it’s no wonder various dating apps started to appear on the market. Probably each of you has tried to use one of the most popular dating apps at least once.

And if you are reading this, then your experience with them wasn’t successful. We have talked a lot about the dating apps previously. The only thing that is good about them is their low cost.

Unfortunately, Belarus women don’t use such dating apps, especially to meet a foreign guy. They may use some apps to meet local guys but it is more for fun.  Most likely, girls from Minsk will use another alternative way – social media.

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Why not try dating Minsk women in social media networks?

Russian dating apps vs Social mediaIf this way worked then the half of the planet would find their better halves this way probably. We know that lots of you use their social media networks to get in touch with Slavic brides.

Yes, you can get in touch with them easily. And they will most likely respond to be polite or just because they are curious.

How many people do you know who met each other in social media and started dating? We know only one such a happy couple.

Unfortunately, they are from the same city, they both are Ukrainians and met in local social media through their common friends. So we don’t know any international couple who would meet this way.

Yes, you can easily find a beautiful girl from Minsk in one of the international social networks. But be careful because she may be a scammer. Yes, there are lots of them in social media, too. You will get free experience but if you are lucky enough, you will meet just a good pen pal.

Dating Minsk girls online – is it possible?

Of course! Now as we all are so busy that cannot find time to go out and meet people elsewhere, we are lucky to use the internet while working or having a break. Now meeting your potential match is possible even when watching a movie online. All this is possible thanks to a large number of online dating sites.

Meeting people online became a more common thing nowadays than meeting them in our casual life. So an online dating site could be a great option to meet Minsk girls. But here you have to be extremely careful as well, while lots of sites are full of scammers and do not care about your safety. In order to learn more, check our previous articles on how to spot a scammer and what to do if you were scammed.

On Best-Matchmaking, we also have a gallery of Minsk girls for our matchmaking members. All of them are seriously looking for a good western man to date and marry. You can also check our gallery of Ukrainian and Latvian women

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  • Alina

    27 y.o, Vein, Austria

Conclusion: Choose your own best way!

best dating sitesNow you know that meeting a single Minsk girl is possible in several ways, so you can choose the one most suitable for you. We from Best-Matchmaking would recommend you to meet you girl online first.

This way, you can easily get to know her, especially in a video chat. This will allow checking if the lady is real and if she looks exactly as in her profile pictures. 

You can even use our gift delivery option to surprise her and prepare the ground so to say. And once you are sure this lady is for you and you want to go to Minsk and meet her, choose one of our Romantic tours. Our special event service will make your first meeting even more unforgettable. 

And if you still have doubts or questions, don’t hesitate to contact Kate. A professional matchmaker and dating blogger will reply all your questions for free and will help you choose the best dating membership plan or even Slavic matchmaking package. We wish you only successful dating experience!

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