Dean & Natasha May 2017

image-0-02-01-f8c7d037511425c11d0f7856781611a257799c3d839f6e9099c48514cf39c93a-VI want to thank you Kate for introducing me to the most lovely woman I have ever met.  I cannot thank you enough for always being there for me through phone or email to answer all my questions and your dedication to finding me my Natasha. I will be returning to Ukraine in July to ask her for her hand in marriage. This is like a dream come true and I will be forever grateful to you for all you have done for Natasha and I. Take care, your friend always.  Dean   image-0-02-01-6f1163685fc9752a8a26a6c5603215acac5fc60f4e6bb4697e73e691fb6d0edc-V 


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