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We provide an individual approach to each client, as well as the individual price of a romantic tour! We meticulously help you to achieve your goal - to get married! An actual meeting and the arrival to Ukraine is, of course, the most important step in your relationship!

With our agency we taylor each man's visit/tour to Ukraine specifically according to his desires! Clients of course meet women from different cities of Ukraine, and in some cases dates take place in the same city. We are here to help you succeed! (Having a taylored itinerary means that visit prices may vary from client to client).

Before visiting Ukraine, you should specify all your needs, and prices by contacting us.

The basic price for any tour starts from 1899 USD per tour (4 days and 3 nights): for those who plan to meet girls just in one city and fly to the airport of Odessa, Kharkov or Zaporizhzhia /Dnepropetrovsk (Dnepropetrovsk city is close to the Zaporizhzhia).

Depending on your wishes the price will vary. Also, if you are flying to other airports in Ukraine the price will vary.

Any of the marrige tours to Ukraine, regardless of price, include:

-Meetings with ladies (minimum 5 ladies to meet with)
-Professional interpreter/translator service ( from 10 hours and more)
-Accommodation (apartment rental in the very heart of the city- good level/ standard or business class in a newly built building or a hotel.
-Pick up by taxi from the airport on the day of your arrival, and taking you back by taxi to the airport on the day of your departure.

-Tour price usually starts FROM $2699 . ( Matchmaking program members have up to 15% discount for current tour- contact us for more details)
-75% payment for the tour is made prior to your arrival to Ukraine!

This tour is made for each client individually, so the price is also calculated individually and depends on of how long this tour is going to last.
Before visiting  Ukraine you should specify all the details and price with us.

Usually, it happens like this: You tell us, what girls you want to meet, and we send you a clear description of each day of your stay in Ukraine, including itinerary and price for the entire tour, as well as the everyday schedule of your meetings.
You can arrive at any airport in Ukraine and you can meet girls from different cities of Ukraine. We will provide you with a shuttle service to move from city to city.

This tour includes:
1. Pick up by taxi at any airport that takes you to your accommodation (car of business class)
2. Accommodation in apartments or hotel, business class or higher
3. Meetings with selected girls (as many girls as you wish)
4. Translation services (Russian-English, Russian-Korean, Russian -Japanese, Russian-German), the number of working hours of translation will be calculated to your needs.
5. Taxi back to the airport on the day of departure (car of business class)
6. Mobile phone rental with local SIM card - for FREE!
7. The personal assistant service. We are responsible for your safety. Our manager or translator will always be in touch with you and help you in any situation.
8.Assistance in the preparation of documents for a girl to visit your country( discount up to 50% for Matchmaking program members)
10-Assistance in the preparation of documents for registration of marriage ( FREE for Matchmaking program members)
11- Coaching before the date.

Check sample photos of offered accommodation above

Personal and Romance tours to Ukraine cancellation policy.

Prepayment for a tour is not refunded, if you cancel your trip.
By prior arrangement, tour dates can be changed if you have a weighty reason.You take full responsibility for any loss that may be caused by changing tour dates, notwithstanding a weighty reason. Due to our company always paying in advance for your apartment booking and taxi transfer, any financial loss that will occur shall be covered fully by you ( by customer) upon your arrive to Ukraine.

ATTENTION!! Tour doesn't include!
* Visas are not included in your tour
** Ordering tickets. You have to order your return tickets by yourself
*** Tour pricing will be worked out on an individual basis only

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